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Is it an epidemic? I’ve been reading so many blogs lately where people have recently laid to rest their old vacuum cleaners.

This week, ours joined the list. Just as we get new carpet, which needs a decent amount of vacuuming at first (new carpet fuzz), our dinosaur decided to bite the dust rather than suck it up. Scott has taken it apart and fiddled with it, but the cranky old machine has completely lost suction.

My old vacuum was a hand-me-down from my grandmother’s house, and is about as old as the dirt it’s been picking up from the carpet. Even though it had no bells or whistles like newer brands, it did the trick (which sometimes smelled like burnt rubber) and had a long life. I’m not too disappointed (or surprised) that we have to replace it. But, do newer versions last as long as the old stuff? What is quality like nowadays?

With a shedding dog like Colby, we will need to replace our deceased appliance fairly quickly. So, as many of you already have, I’m shopping around for a new one. The three biggest factors in my purchase will be price, longevity, and dog hair suction abilities.

I’ve heard conflicting reviews about the Dyson ball, but Scott and I are both equally fascinated by Dyson’s new bladeless fan. In case you haven’t seen the commercial, you can check the new fan out here. But, since we need a vacuum cleaner and the fan costs $300, we’re going to put that purchase in the “probably never going to happen” category. And at $500 (like the Dyson Animal), the vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to be too appealing for my wallet, either. Based on some of the reviews, it doesn’t pick up dog hair as much as one expects, is really loud, and far too heavy. If anyone has this particular vacuum cleaner themselves, what was the deciding factor for you, and how long have you had it?

I’ve only just begun the research on the world of vacuum options and I could really use some input. Are you loyal to a particular brand? Do “pet hair” vacuum cleaners live up to their hype, or do all-purpose cleaners work just as well? Spill the beans… but not on the carpet!

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    A few months ago, we became bloggers with a dead vacuum, and with two dogs and multiple cats, we needed something powerful!

    The duo at Young House Love bought the Bissell 82H1 Cleanview Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, so we gave that a try for $72 at Target. It runs great, has a good selection of onboard tools, and makes short work of the billowing eddys of fur sailing across our hardwood. I do definitely recommend it.

  2. hey there! we just bought our new one for $45 at Walmart here is the link.
    http://www.apartmenttlc.com/2010/07/bissell-has-made-me-woman.html what isn't mentioned (coming up in our blog) we bought some suede furniture that stank and we covered the 4 huge pieces in baking powder. they looked like powdered donuts and honestly we thought we were in big trouble…our new vacuum came through BIG time. seriously we worked this thing already.

  3. Sorry to hear your vacuum died. When ours died, it was horrible! Ours was the one (albeit a year older version) that the couple at YHL bought (and Sunny too). While it worked fantastically for slightly over a year (just after the manufacturer's warranty expired), we were dismayed (and pretty upset) that our $80 vacuum died. Even after regular maintenance and upkeep! So our experience with that vacuum has not been a good one – I hope that Sunny and YHL's vacuums last longer than ours did.

    After days and hours of research online and shopping around stores, we decided that we could either purchase lower-end vacuums that would probably need to be replaced yearly, or invest in something that is guaranteed to last. After reading tons of reviews, etc, we settled on the Dyson Vacuum. You can read our review on it, how it compares to our old Bissell, and why we chose a Dyson here.

    Good luck in your vacuum search!

  4. We bought a Dyson upright when we moved into our brand new house with carpet and tile floors and, after four years, I absolutely loath it. It hopeless to lug up and downstairs, let alone vacuum them – ours are carpeted.
    Hubby was keen on an upright, but since he rarely vacuums I wish I had stuck to my guns and got a barrel. I use the old barrel vac (a Philips) in the garage to clean out the car and occasionally sneak it back into the house. Just wish it was bagless.