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Okay, wow. Never have I been working so hard on the house and had so little to show for it.

Each day when I get home from work, I change into a ratty (and dirty) T-shirt and shorts, take Charlie for a walk, and then arrange her in the front yard so that she can happily chew on a stick and watch me get to work. She pretty much looks like this:

…while I’m using bizarre amounts of caulk to make things like this look a little less dilapidated. I can’t afford to replace every single piece of wood, so the stuff that’s still in decent enough shape (which is really a subjective call, as I’m both the judge and jury on the caulk is cheaper than replacing decision) is getting caulked and then – whenever that may be – painted.

So since I yet again have no real reveal to show for all of my efforts over the last week and weekend, I’ll just post about two things that were amusing to revisit while I was wiping bead of sweat #2944 off of my brow:

1. You may have seen her posting a comment every now and then, but my IRL friend Lindsey found my little bug starring in her very own cartoon and shared it on my Facebook page the other day. Recognize the floppy ears?

Okay, so maybe Looney Tunes invented the character first and then my puppy came afterward, but ever since Charlie saw the clip, she’s been prancing around the house as if she’s too good for Science Diet. I mean, geez. Not even a full fifteen minutes of fame, and it’s already gone to her head.

2. I have mentioned it before, but my day job is in the IT industry. So if you believe in stereotypes, we can get a bit kooky sometimes. Case in point of a conversation between a coworker and I the other day (I should preface this by saying that, if you haven’t figured it out already, we also have potty mouths):

Coworker: Why in all heck do people have to name their kids crazy crap? A girl I used to work with has decided to name her son one of the following things: Atreyu, Artex, Bastian, or Falkor.

Me: Um… Atreyu, like from The Neverending Story? …(long pause)… Wait, aren’t they ALL from The Neverending Story?”

Me:  Yup, Falkor was the name of the friggin’ dragon.

Coworker:  And that just made my week.

So, which one gets your vote? I’m personally rooting for Falkor. Because really, who doesn’t want to be named after a giant, furry dragon puppet (that oddly enough looks a lot like Leann Rimes)?

from TMZ.com

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. yay!! You posted the little link! I meant to comment back on Wednesday, but the week got away from me! That little lover girl is so sweet, and it was awesome to meet her. I'll bet the next time we see her, she'll be so much bigger.

    And BTW, Chase loves the “caulk” jokes, so keep 'em coming! :)