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Wow. The Pinterest Challenge linkupwas amazing!

You guys pinned, cut, baked, and glued your way to some pretty freaking stunning projects. And imagine my shock when this is the very first link party I have ever done in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been blogging – and there were nearly 250 entries! Though, I suspect, linking up to some pretty popular DIY badasses had something to do with it:

Yep, that’s me – along with Katie from Bower Power, Sherry from Young House Love, and fellow guest host Carmel from Our Fifth House. They had some amazing projects of their own, so be sure to check them out in the links above. But out of the 248 entries that linked up last Tuesday, I saw some pretty incredible stuff. For one, you guys are taking this homemade costume thing seriously. How cute is this little pilot from Wills Casa?

Wills Casa

Insert cheesy “it ain’t easy being green, but Night Garden Design makes the costume look easy to make” here. But seriously, this is adorable.

Night Garden Design

…and I’ve now found the perfect Halloween costume for Charlie next year thanks to this clever idea from Turtles and Tails.

Turtles and Tails

See what I mean? Amazing costumes. But this was more than a costume challenge. Some of you got your DIY fix by making some pretty fantastic stuff for yourselves and your homes!

Pinterest-inspired projects could be big or small. Dans le Townhouse took the agate necklaces I’ve been swooning over from Leif and made a few of her own.

Dans le Townhouse

My grandmother (Mom’s side) taught me to cross-stitch as a kid, and I’ve recently purchased a pattern to get back into it. But Considering the Campbells needs no stinkin’ pattern to make some hilarious and unique wall art!

Considering the Campbells

My other grandmother (Dad’s side) taught me to crochet. I’m sad to say that I’ve forgotten how, but I know I could probably pick it back up again if I had the time and patience to make a beautiful blanket like Rust and Sunshine did!

Rust and Sunshine

Not all gold leafing projects have to take hours to finish like my map art (and last Pinterest Challenge project) in the study-o. Simple can be beautiful, just as Myers Maison proves with these gold leaf bottles.

Myers Maison

I freely admit that I am a Juju lover. But they are so. darn. expensive! Year of Serendipity shows you how to make your own feather version with some serious wow factor.

Year of Serendipity

Something I love about blogging is the connection I find despite the miles and language barriers.  Et voilà  – Over the Moon was so inspired from seeing all of the stump tables on Pinterest that she now has her own.

Over the Moon

And last but not least, I’m a sucker for a crafter with a serious sense of humor. Not only did Renters in Love make a pig pinata, but the butt hole – yes, the butt hole – picture was used for her linkup. Am I the weird one because I clicked on it?

Renters in Love

This, of course, is only a smattering of the great projects that everyone linked up on Tuesday. So, head on back to that post to check out more. Oh, and in case you missed it – I did the ampersand for my own part of the challenge, but finished off one of the other two projects I was pinspired by earlier this week. Maybe I’ll finish the third before the end of the month and prove to myself that yes, I do know how to finish a project around here!

P.S. Another big thank-you to the ladies who invited me to help host this challenge. Katie, Sherry, and Carmel – I’m still pinching myself.

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  1. Loved your highlights. My favorite part of this whole post was the fact you're getting back into cross stitch. There is soooo much more out there than just the cutsy stuff now. Congrats!

    1. The one I have a pattern for is ambitious, but it's very me. A lot of color and time will have to go into it, but I'm pretty sure I haven't forgotten the technique. I'll also show some of my grandmother's handiwork too – she was truly an artist with the medium!

  2. Thanks for including my blanket in your round-up. :-) I am absolutely in love with that pink airplane costume!