beige minimalist may printable calendar 2022

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I don’t know precisely why, but I was sitting at my computer recently and felt the urge to make calendar designs. Maybe it’s because this whole last year has felt decidedly un-calendary, and I needed to push back in the opposite direction. But I’m also supremely bad at sticking to calendars even when I know what day it is (which, to be clear, I still really don’t).

Anyway. I thought you guys might need or want a monthly planner, so I made a few. I actually found it surprisingly cathartic, so I also made a few daily schedule planner and weekly planner mockups as well. I have the whole bundle of printable calendar templates in my Printables Library if you want to get the whole set, but if you just want to download just the one for May, you can get the free printable calendar (PDF format) by clicking on the image below.

beige minimalist may printable calendar 2022

Free Printable May Calendar (PDF Calendar 2022)

This blank calendar with simple design is available for personal use. National days and important events (federal holiday, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo) are not marked, but I’ve listed different dates below if you’d like to mark them yourself (I personally would have noted National Apple Pie and National Wine Day, but that’s just me!). You can get an entire list of important days, holidays, and celebrations here if you want to add more of your own. Personalize it further by adding your own artwork (May flowers, anyone?), color code each day of the week, etc.

Special Days

  • 4 – Star Wars Day
  • 5 – Cinco de Mayo
  • 8 – Mother’s Day
  • 13 – National Apple Pie Day (great apple pie recipe here!)
  • 20 – Memorial Day
  • 21 – Armed Forces Day
  • 25 – National Wine Day


Want more printable calendars? Grab the PDF files from my Printables Library.

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  1. Your monthly and daily printables are amazing, thank you so much for making them!
    Have you ever thought of doing a weekly planner as well?

    1. Hi Shell — I believe there’s a weekly planner in that list already too! If not, I’ll design one soon so check back in a bit!