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Now that I’ve been blogging for a few weeks, I realized that I may be taking a very useful gadget for granted. Just in case not everyone uses these (I’m not a gadget-type person so I could be wrong), I’d like to show you my favorite piece of blogging equipment. It’s not my computer; it’s my high-speed card reader.

Rather than using USB cables, this little guy fits into my camera bag and has no cords. All I do is pop out the memory card from my camera, pop it into one end of the reader, and stick the other end into the computer. It’s lightweight, compact, and all of my pictures are accessible immediately without waiting for data transfers or downloading to picture software. It also comes with two caps to prevent the ends getting damaged. Other options.

I picked it up last year when shopping for accessories for my camera. I think it was somewhere under $10. In my opinion, with as often as I use it, it’s paid for itself over and over again.

What about you? Are there any little gadgets that you can’t live without? Is there something you use that you like better? Do tell.

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  1. That does save alot of time and is so much easier. When my old computer finally wheezed it's last breath, we got a new desktop that's pretty fancy (not gonna lie) – we love it! On the top of the tower itself is alot of different plugs and ports for all sorts of cards and devices. All I have to do now is pop out the card from my camera and stick it in the tower, and it's all good! Love it. But back when I had my laptop (which was realllly old…) I would've loved to have had that little gadget! I always hated plugging in all those cords (that always seemed to be constantly tangled!).