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I’ve received a few questions lately regarding my painted linoleum floor experiment. Specifically, people are wondering about how it has been holding up. Are there scratches? Would you do it again? What should someone avoid if they were thinking of doing it?

Warning:  don’t cross into the bathroom without proper footwear!
As you may have guessed, the floor happens to be in the same room that I’ve been ripping apart and doing all of my recent skim coat work in. Through the onslaught of joint compound, drywall dust, metal tools, scraping, wet paper, etc., I’m happy to report that the floor is, to my surprise, still in very good shape.
Although the room is not exactly inhabitable right now, I think the only time I’ve seen damage to the floor has been during the wet paper + glue phase when I removed it from the walls. The paper sticks pretty fiercely to the painted surface, which means that the only likely fix may be to scrape off the spots and repaint them.
If you are thinking about painting your own linoleum floor, I would recommend that you consider doing the walls and cabinets first before tackling the floor, which is pretty much the standard recommendation regardless of the flooring type you choose. Remember:  walls. then. floor.
Want to know more about why I decided to paint the floor, and what it looked like before I made it into the big mess it is now that I’m remodeling the rest of the room? Read all about it here. Still have questions? Feel free to ask me on Formspring – I’m happy to answer them.

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  1. Glad to hear it's still holding up great through all of your construction fun :0)