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Lovely… Blogger took down yesterday’s post, removed the images and removed the results of the poll. Guess we’ll give it a go one more time! Sorry folks, not my fault I swear!

I’m having a lot of fun doing the mood board for the future “spa” primary bath. Well, as much as a room that’s only 8 x 6 can be considered spa-like. Spa closet?

Anywho, I’ve been having so much fun that I’ve actually created two different mood boards… and now I can’t decide which I like more. I’ve already picked out the light fixture, so that will stay consistent between the two, along with the shower tile, shower curtain, and white bath mat (A, B, C, & D) – all of which are already owned, so it’s a work-with-what-you’ve-got situation. Other than those constants, the flooring, vanity, and artwork create entirely different moods. One I would like to call my Classic Oasis; the other I’ve named my Zen Retreat.

  1. I’ll wind up repainting the existing vanity mirror back to Old Rubbed Bronze by Rustoleum to better match the new vanity. Cost: free
  2. St. Paul Bombay Bath Vanity with ColorPoint Vanity Top in Beach, $299 (on sale)
  3. Straw baskets are great for storing my obsessive collection of hair and skincare products. Already owned, cost: free.
  4. These bath towels are simple, visually interesting, but not overly saturated with color. $36 each.
  5. Artwork:  Rex Ray “Sticta” Wall Art, $129.99
  6. These light gray ceramic floor tiles make the vanity the star of the room. $0.97/sq ft.
  1. American Classics Artisan Wall Mirror in Chestnut, $89
  2. American Classics Artisan Vanity in Chestnut with Cultured Marble Vanity Top in White, $259 (but I’ve seen this on sale with the mirror as a combo for less than $200)
  3. Straw baskets will make an appearance here as well for the simple fact that I need storage. Already owned, cost: free.
  4. This leaf-inspired soap dish ties the theme of the room together. No longer sold; similar item here, $34.
  5. Artwork:  shadow boxes of found objects in teals and blues gives this room a shot of soothing color. Cost:  free or nearly free project.
  6. The modern and cement-like gray ceramic floor tile balances the warm tone of the vanity. $0.99/sq ft.
  7. These floating shelves matching the vanity stain color keep the walls looking clean while providing extra storage. While store-bought versions are more pricey, I’m sure I can custom make some for cheap. Cost: $50.

So, let’s take a poll – we haven’t done that since I asked you to help me pick my laminate floors – which admittedly, ended with me picking a completely different choice, so I don’t blame you if you don’t want to participate this time. But c’mon, it’s fun! Pick which mood board you like better, and tell me why you picked your choice in the comments. BONUS QUESTION:  What trick do you use to make you feel relaxed? Is it a particular spot in your home? Music? Candles? Shutting the door between you and any other living creature in your house? Do tell.

Update:  Here is the only image I could find from yesterday’s poll results so far. I’m running another below, so if you don’t like the results above, now’s your chance to let me hear your opinions!

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  1. I like the first one — the vanity! — but I think you need something in there with a little more colour to really pop it.

    To relax… for me, it's definitely scent. My bathroom has not been a relaxing place for a long time… while we lived in our apartment, it was the only logical place to put the kitty litter box and if you know anything about cats, you'll know it doesn't take much to completely fill a small bathroom with an unpleasant smell. In our new place, I finally get to move it out of the bathroom! I think I'm going to have to find some lavender or start a collection of scented oils to really up the relaxation factor!

  2. I agree…..really love the classic oasis. Of course it might also be fun if you left your mirror yellow :0)

  3. I vote classic! I used that shower curtain to recover some bar stools a few weeks ago. It's such a cute and subtle pattern, I'm thinking the bathroom needs to go gray so I can use it for real!

  4. I voted! Since I'm new to this whole blogging thing, is there a program or website you used to create your mood board?

  5. Nope, I actually just use Paint.NET for all my photo editing needs, but most of it was done with plain old cut and paste onto a white background.