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They’re mine. Or rather, will be once they arrive at my doorstep.

The wait to order my vanity is finally over. After looking at all of the options – building my own like this diva, making some out of furniture like these two, or taking a trip to the Habitat Restore center for two that match and fit the design plan – I finally took the plunge and ordered two matching vanities for the current primary bath project and the future guest bath. I ordered two for continuity’s sake (the house is small so I would like to keep things consistent to make the house feel larger), but I struck while the iron was red hot and squeezed every last ounce of a deal I could get from my purchase.

I first went shopping for a vanity and top combo for convenience, but quickly learned that the quality of vanity tops (you know how I obsess over reviews) can be rather poor. So when I found this baby, with two very pleased consumers (I usually multiply great reviews by 3 since people are more likely to take the time to write a bad one than bother with the hassle of reporting good quality), I considered the original price of $499 to be a pretty good deal. But, could I get it on sale?  I decided to wait it out.

As luck would have it (right around the time I designed these two alternative mood boards), the vanity did go on sale for $299 apiece. And to my surprise, the vanity price stayed low for several weeks. Just enough time for me to save up.

And while the bath wasn’t quite ready to install a vanity yet, I kept eyeballing the site to see if anything else might sweeten the deal for me to pull the trigger. Mostly because as I’ve mentioned before, fantasizing about the future UD bath can lessen the monotony of sanding, sanding, and more sanding of the damaged walls.

Then, it happened. Not only was there a little flag on the page that said “FREE SHIPPING” with orders over $299 (what a coinkidink), but there was another link for a promo code worth $50 off purchases over $500 (BATH50K7 if you were looking to use it yourself). Let’s see here:

  • Bath vanity and top combo, which means no jigsaw work to convert furniture into a bath-ready piece
  • No sanding or treating with varnishes or painting to get the color and look I want
  • Comes assembled
  • Comes with a sink basin and a surface that is easier to clean (undermount instead of drop sink like I currently have)
  • An easy-to-maintain quartz composite countertop and backsplash that does not require sealing, resists staining and scratches, and is visually an improvement over the existing laminate (I’m not really in the market for granite for the neighborhood I live in, so I don’t want to do upgrades that won’t return fair investment)
  • Two sterling reviews (including a mention of the color quality of the top since it’s not white and I have to match it to existing tile)
  • $299 on sale
  • Free shipping (sale + sale)
  • $50 instant rebate (sale + sale + sale + no mailing)
  • With my Home Depot credit card, free financing for 12 months (though I plan to pay the balance immediately as I always do, the fact that it’s there is a great perk and something I like about HD should I ever need it)

Um, does anyone have to guess what I did? I smacked down my credit card ordered online as fast as I could type my shipping info. With tax, my two bath vanities (countertop and sink basin included) cost me only $290.44 each. Considering the time, materials, and labor it would take to build two vanities on my own or convert two pieces of furniture (and the amount of crying/swearing I’m sure I’d do when it didn’t work out perfectly), I doubt I could find much better of a deal. All I have to do now to finish the set is to find two matching centerset faucets (centerset and 4″ minispread faucets are typically cheaper than their 8″ widespread cousin, stretching the savings even more).

I’d like to write something eloquent here, but all I can think of is wooooo hooo!

Suddenly this whole bathroom reno feels more real. I guess this means I have to go find some tile to get the floor installed before the vanity can even make an appearance in there. But soon, I’ll finally be able to put my mark on this tiny, unimpressive bath. I’ll keep you posted on my tile shopping activities, and we’ll all find out together if these vanities look as great in my home as they do online when they finally arrive in a week or two. Until then!

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  1. Nice find! Those are gorgeous – I love that they have both hidden and open storage. And that they're on super sale. Nice! :)