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Last week, I took a short trip after work to Ikea. Overall, I’d give the trip a ‘meh’ in terms of success.

Successful:  Finding several sizes of simple pots for a project I’d been thinking of copying from Pinterest.
Not so successful:  There comes a point when I’m shopping that too many options might cause as much trouble for me as too few; I wind up picking one up, putting it back when I find another I like more, and continue doing this until I run out of options. When you do this nine times in a row, you go from choosy to nuts.

Successful:  Finding fabric that is the perfect balance of colorful, unexpected, and the right price range.
Not so successful:  Finding the one item at Ikea that does not have a bar code, and losing the slip of paper that allows me to ring it up, annoying every employee forced to help you instead of ending her shift.

Successful:  Finding a comfortable, affordable mattress that is exactly what I’m missing in the guest bedroom (Inner monologue:  Woo hoo! When friends from out of state mention visiting Atlanta, I don’t have to stutter through the part of the conversation where I’m praying they’ll tell me what hotel they are staying in).
Not so successful:  Awkwardly lugging it through the store to inevitably give up when I realize I’ll never manage to get it into the Jeep, and even if I did, I’ll never get it all the way upstairs to the bed frame it’s supposed to belong to. At least, not by myself (Luckily, dear ol’ Dad is available this weekend, so we can try again together… and with a truck).

Successful:  Walking out of Ikea under budget.
Not so successful:  Walking out of Ikea under budget because I didn’t get what I’d really gone there for.

Have you ever taken a trip to the store and later grade yourself on how you did? Are you an A student, or more of a solid C?

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