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Summer semester has begun (one weekend down, seven more to go). That means that it’s officially summer, right? The signs around the Ugg-Duck certainly point to the fact. My grass is growing out of control (the one thing I loathe about summer. Everything else can stay).

overgrown grass

I’m also eating more “brain food”.

beer ice cream

What? Studies show that drinking beer makes you more clever. That also applies to beer ice cream. Probably.

I’ve been slooooooowly making progress with the hallway and a few other things in the house. But with any luck, Dad is also stopping by this weekend to help me with a few of last month’s birthday wishes outside. After a few heavy rains, I’ve been getting a little more insistent that we get someone on the roof to help any branch overhang. Not to mention, I keep daydreaming about that floating deck where all of the overgrowth is in the back yard.

beer ice cream

Because obviously then I could “study” outside. Happy Friday!


P.S. Not a paid post. And this stuff is seriously the shiz, but not available everywhere (here’s their website). Lucky me!

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  1. Dang it! Nobody here in my area sells it. Guess that means it will require a hockey road trip to see the Reading Royals play the Gwinnett Gladiators to find me some!

  2. glad you liked the FEEDLY suggestion. isnt it wonderful? and wait til you read it on your iPhone or tablet (i have the Nexus google tablet and its great!) and its on iPad too.

    not really missing GReader at all anymore!

    good luck on getting your list done this weekend!

  3. I am currently auditing new RSS feeds too – I prefer the old reader – http://theoldreader.com/ – to feedly because it has the same ‘feel’ as my google reader. You can import your feeds directly too. The only difference is that my folders appear at the bottom of the left side column instead of the top. Otherwise I love it.