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Part of this year’s fitness goals was to sign up for a few extra races. I never run for time – just to finish and feel that good kind of sore the next day from working my muscles. I meant to post this last Friday (and um, earlier this morning!) but with the end of the semester approaching, projects and finals are taking more of my attention.

Today, I offer you a picture-heavy post from my first time participating in the Color Run 5k. I was a little concerned that sucking in powder-laden air might exacerbate my asthma or set off my allergies, but I made it through. And even ran up a steep hill to take pictures of Atlanta Motor Speedway (where the race took place, and my first time visiting).

I really want to be like these ladies when I get older. I need to find a tribe who enjoy dressing up this much. This was also my first race without a friend or group to run with, and I definitely noticed. My pace is faster when I have someone running along with me, and celebrating afterwards is more fun when you get to dance around in the colorful dust with a friend (don’t worry though – I made a few friends while there and had a blast dusting some kids with the extra color packs the crew gave away).

A packet of yellow powder is just ironic for Atlanta – clearly, the Color Run missed the memo that this happens to us Georgians every spring when the pollen arrives. But thankfully I brought along a plastic baggie to protect my phone and other items from the dust.

During the 5k, you pass various “color stations” where volunteers dust you with a specific color. As you can probably tell, the people at the blue station really got me!

When the race is over, announcers call you over to a concert area and count down to everyone opening their own packets and throwing them in the air. After that, it’s a free-for-all as they toss more packets into the crowd. You pretty much have to be careful where and when you have your mouth open.

This was the first race of the year for me. The next is the Savage Race in only three weeks! I’m looking forward to it but I know I am far from the kind of shape I should be for this next one. But hey – I’m still doing it. Which is a heck of a lot better than sitting my butt on the couch.

I hope you have a wonderful (and colorful) week!

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  1. Looks fun! I’m more of a weight lifter than a runner, but getting to look like a rainbow Jackson Pollock by the end makes it sound much more entertaining. I don’t think this concept has really made it up to Canada yet though.

    Mainly I’m jealous of the fact that you’re all in shorts hanging out in the sunshine. Spring has been severely delayed up here in Ottawa!

  2. Good for you! My husband and 13 year old son participated in a mud run on Sat. they had a blast! It was kind of an obstacle course as well, and they ran through a pond , a river and some streams. I guess the water was freezing! They loved it and can’t wait to try it again!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Will surely join next time to find out which one is more exciting, this color run or the zombie run I participated last year.

      1. Hi Jill,

        Chelsie emailed me and says she can see the mobile version on her phone. I just tried on mine and it loads as the mobile version too. Can you try closing your mobile browser and trying again?


  4. I am going to be running the Color Run here in DC in about a month. It’ll be my first 5k ever and it looks like so much fun!

    I am also a little concerned about inhaling all that dust, but I suppose like you said, as long as you are paying attention to when people are throwing stuff you can kind of breath around it…