picture ledge shelves - closeup

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The picture ledge shelves in the guest bedroom are not only built; they are DONE!

Hiya, folks! Hope the time change didn’t suck you into the void of insomnia like it has me (ugh, will I ever have this sleeping problem fully resolved??). But, in other (and much more DIY-happy news), the picture ledges in the guest bedroom are officially COMPLETE!

painted picture ledge for displaying lots of art

I’m going to say that again, because it so rarely happens around the UDH: I finished a project.

  • Built.
  • Holes Filled.
  • Sanded.
  • Caulked.
  • Mounted on the wall.
  • Caulked again.
  • Painted.

Everything always seems like it’s in some sort of stage of completion around here. I usually get to somewhere along that list, but never all the way to the bottom. So this one is a moment to savor.

Picture ledge shelves that let the art stand out

picture ledge shelves - closeup

As you can see from this closeup shot, I built them a little differently than the shelves I made for the stamp collection in my office. Same general principle (thin 1x-boards screwed together), but I chose this time to go with a rounded edge and to make them the same color as the wall. This makes them almost invisible and lets the framed art be the star, but I like that I can switch up the order/size/quantity of the art whenever I feel like it.

The art, of course, is another story as far as its completeness. I still have to do some arranging. However, given that I have so rarely put art up on the walls around this house, I’m very happy to have a destination for the framed art I’ve been holding onto but haven’t had the patience to hang.


retreat by sherwin williams


painted picture ledge for displaying lots of art

I’ll show you all about the specific details of how I made them in a future post — this one is merely just me doing a happy dance that something was completed. This is kind of my version of “stopping to smell the roses” by not adding the plan-making part to my to do list yet. I also took video of the whole thing, including me building these guys on the floor of the guest room and painting the first coat in my  bathrobe, so that should be a good laugh for most of you guys when all is said and done. ?

I figured a “real life” version of how these were made is the best policy, instead of trying to stage something like a pro. Many of the tutorials I see these days are done in pristine workshop environments or staged setups. So, in other words, this tutorial will be for the rest of us who make it work, Tim Gunn style. Sawdust and clutter and all.

picture ledge shelves

Want other guest room related project updates? Be sure to check out the Dueling DIY series… every two weeks, I’m updating with full recaps of progress.

Speaking of roses and not to get completely off-topic (because that’s so unlike me, right? ha!), but the sun has been coming out and it has me very excited about spring. I’ve already planted a couple of things. These are next!

iceberg roses white and burgundy

That’s what’s coming up in the very next post, including more updates to the hideous non-garden on the side of the house (the one where I put in the cement slab for the trash cans last spring, if you recall). Any rose tips for this newbie before I plant? And do you have any spring plans yet, or is it still snowing where you are?

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  1. From my non-gardener, but home-caring observations: Roses are pretty, but many can grow like weeds and look rough when they aren’t in bloom or forgotten. There was a past house I house-sat at for a number of years before we bought our own place. It was in an area that made anything grow… and at about twice the expected size with the amount of upkeep we did. There were two places with roses… along a path had 5 plants. and a Rose wall. The ones along the path, I cut down to my knees every few years and they came back very nicely, and would bloom for quite a long period each year. My significant other, now husband would just grab the bush trimmer and carve a path when I wasn’t watching. So you can get away with trimming, and whacking them, overall keep an eye on them when they grow. Over time, the color of the boom modified in places (disease or mutated from our methods?). The rose wall was a result of ignoring a single rose plant that turned into a wall of fluffy palm sized roses around Mothers day. I spent a lot of time attempting to control that… pulling it’s tendrils out of neighboring trees occasionally. My SO never touched it, because he liked the wall-of-roses and he was already done with dealing with thorns by the time he got there. My parents have knockout roses they aren’t aggressive growers, but deer eat the blooms a lot so you wouldn’t know there are roses.

  2. I suffer from insomnia as well and I’ve found a few things that help me. First, a weighted blanket (or a few blankets/quilts on top of one another) helps so much! I keep my bedroom cold so I can layer all the blankets on. Second, I swear by my body pillow. I threaten to take it with me when I have overnight trips. Maybe you should try those?

    Love the picture ledges and that paint color!

    1. Thanks so much! Weighted blankets = dogs trying to lay on me? Haha. But I think you’re right about the cold thing… battle with K and I because he’ll pump heat into the room. I tend to turn it off after he’s asleep but then he’ll turn it back on when he wakes up from the cold. Great tips though! Have you tried the sleepytime tea kind of thing? Does it help at all?

      1. I have tried the tea, essential oils, prescription sleeping pills, and several other things. None of them have really helped!

        1. Good to know (and sorry that none of them worked!). I’m also trying to use those blue-filtering glasses so screens don’t keep me awake.

  3. Rose gardener here. It honestly depends on the type. Knockout roses need pretty much zero care other than water when it’s hot and a trim when they go dormant if you want. Other varieties need more care. A basic plan for growing season is spraying once a week with a mix of fungicides and insecticides from May until October and give them a serious drench (1 five gallon bucket per plant) at least once a week during hot months. You’ll also need to prune to make sure they are getting good air flow and plant them with plenty of space between for the same reason. I live in the south and the humidity can cause fungus on the leaves and stress the plants out. Then after the first frost cut down to about 1/3 of their original size and cover the root nub with mulch. Uncover in spring, fertilize, and repeat. I swear by these guys and their formula: http://www.witherspoonrose.com/witherspoon-tutorials-and-formulas/. Roses can be high maintenance depending on the variety but SOOOOO worth it when you have vases and vases full of beautiful flowers in spring and summer. We moved last summer to a house with no sunny spot for roses so I’m going to have to live vicariously through your updates! Good luck!

    1. Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to share this info, MJ! I have already been doing some research on some companion plants that deter pests and disease (marigolds, sage, lavender, etc.), so that seems like a good first step for these. I figure roses will be more of a challenge for me than the other plants I’ve cared for in the past, but I think I’m trying to go about it the right way (figuring out the easier plants first, picking one new area each year to try to bloom up so I don’t take on too much, etc.). Fingers crossed I don’t have to kill off a few before I learn how to care for them properly!

  4. I love this idea! I really want to try this out, I like how it looks so professional but you seemed like your did it pretty quickly!
    And all your pictures are wonderful!

  5. I wish my guest room looked as great as yours does. I just don’t seem to have the time. It resembles a junk room at the moment

    1. Thank you Carolyn! I was in the same place you are for a long, long time though, so for me, it was a matter of finally deciding to do it (and having the ability to prioritize it). So maybe it’s just junk for now. ;)