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This box is taking up one third of my upstairs hallway.

And I’m so glad it is, because that means I’m ready to open it. The box was a beast to get up the stairs and move (thanks again, Dad), but towels helped move it into the corner as much as possible so I could still reach the bedroom (these things tend to take more than one day, and I’m not prepared for the adjustment my back will have to make if I choose to sleep in my guest bedroom while I study).

Inside this box is a beautiful sight for my very tired and midterm-stressed eyes. It’s one of the two vanities I bought last year for the upstairs bathrooms. And it is finally going to be installed. These sentences do not do justice to the amount of excitement and relief I feel about this.:  it’s crossing the threshold into a full-functioning bathroom. I’m all tingly at the thought of feeling more like a homeowner – instead of a squatter in a condemned house with surprisingly cushy towels.

There is a very small box that goes along with it. It too is making me a very happy girl this week. Yeehaw.

What are you excited about this week?


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  1. I'm really excited to see this as we would LOVE to redo our bathrooms and just have no idea where to begin. :) Good luck!

  2. Would it be terrible of me to say that I'm excited that ECHL & AHL hockey is starting up this week? For the next 6 months or so my DIY projects go on the back burner!

    1. Solid priorities there, I approve! haha. College or pros?

      That sink looks amazing, is it as big as it looks in the picture!? It looks enormous!

    2. College. I'm a UGA bulldog – bleed red and black, all the way! And yes, the sink is a good size. But more importantly, it's clean!

  3. So, I realize that this post is an older one, but I’m reading the entire blog from the beginning, and this sentence made me literally laugh out loud. “I’m all tingly at the thought of feeling more like a homeowner – instead of a squatter in a condemned house with surprisingly cushy towels.”

    Thank you for the humor!