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I got a little bored (and okay, busy enough to let it die) with my old Saturday Stimuli series. For a while, I’ve stopped posting much of anything on the weekends. But after a lot of great little shops popped up on my radar, I’ve decided to start a new series each Saturday to replace my SS posts. I’m calling it Saturday on Six – both because I like the alliteration and I think limiting myself to six picks each Saturday will keep me from going overboard one weekend and having nothing to show for the next. You might even see a little fashion in these if I’m lusting after something hard enough (that’s what she said). For my first SOS (ooh, and now I like this series name even better thanks to the abbreviation) picks, I’m picking white staples that are perfect for any home, no matter what your style preference may be.


White plates let the food be the stand-out. If I were to ever actually cook a meal, I think that’s what I’d want.


White curtains let the rest of the room’s accents stand out (and in the photo below, it even showcases the other parts of the window treatment). Other reasons to like white curtains:  the ones from Ikea look just as nice as ones bought at a more expensive store. And if you tire of them being white, you can always give them a makeover with paint or dye.

Bed Linens

I’ve always loved white bed linens. The swankiest hotels can’t be wrong! To give the look more dimension, choose different shades of white – it will look cozy and inviting (er, for sleeping in… or other things, do what you want).

Source: bhg.com via Suzanne on Pinterest

Ceramic vases

Again, because it’s color on white, they let the color of the flower pop.


I don’t even need to say it myself:


This is a personal preference, but it’s also a preference because it’s so easy. Choose a specific white from a paint line if you want to, but I’m pretty pleased with plain old Ultra White on trim. I really like that I can just snatch it off the shelf if I’m running low (if I have an actual paint project, I’ll still get it shaken while I’m at the store just for convenience’s sake).

There you have it. For those of you who remember the Saturday Stimuli posts, this wasn’t all that different since most of these images are still from Pinterest. Next time, however, we’ll take a look at some actual stores for where you can pick up some great home decor goodies (and it may be a little less wordy because my preference is a no-muss-no-fuss Saturday post). Have a great weekend!


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  1. I should remember that about white towels and bedsheets! But I never do and fall for the patterns and colors! Point taken! Cute post!

  2. Great post! I have the BEST plain white dishes from walmart of all places. They're so versatile. Love them!

  3. I only use white dishes…it lets me jazz them up with linens (or the occasional accent plate!) to fit the occasion! I love all white linens, too…although I've had to color-coordinate now that we have four beds to make. It's easier to match the right cases with the right bed when they're different colors. Ha!