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Most weekends, I feel like there is a lot I want to accomplish, and then I fail miserably at getting it all done. This weekend, however, my weekend was packed with events both in and out of the house.

I’ve been making a greater effort over the last few months to get more exercise. It started as part of a New Years resolution to just take care of myself a little better, and then I found bikram yoga. The first class was brutal (for those not familiar, it’s 90-minute yoga in a room over 100 degrees), but I’ve gone twice a week for the last few months. From there, I also signed up for my first 5k (the Dirty Girl which I mentioned last week, and I’m still waiting on the official photos)…

…and hiked up Stone Mountain, which is about a half hour outside of Atlanta. If you ever visit the Atlanta area, the view is certainly worth the effort!

As for the house, on Sunday, Dad and his buddy Tony came over to teach me about installing tile. It turned into a long afternoon, but they were amazing help. And it’s a huge step toward getting the guest bath back into a state where I don’t have to travel to another floor in the house to pee. All it takes is sitting on the front lawn with a tile sludge flying into my hair. You can clearly see from the state of the lawn that I like tiling more than mowing.

More photos and peeks at the new floor coming this week! Be sure to stick around for a few tips, a sink update, and trying out a new spray paint. But first – how was your weekend?

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  1. Sarah, besides being a DIY aficionado, I am also a trail running enthusiast. I'm glad to know you find running a cool activity, too. :)

  2. Hi Sarah, I just wanted to let you know that this post was featured in my Tidal widget today! yay you! :)

    Good job on your 5k, was that a mud run? My husband and I are going to do a mud run in two weeks, so excited :)

    can't wait to see your tile job you do!