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I’ve recently received some fantastic news. Just when I feel like I’m reaching a mental block for redesigning my primary bath, I get word from my mom that my aunt and uncle are planning on spending a few weeks in Georgia in the fall. And they said that they would love to come and help us around the house while they are here. Whaaaaa?

This. Is. HUGE. My uncle has tons of experience in home remodeling. He’s actually an expert. And my aunt absolutely loves gardening and landscaping, so she wants to take a crack at my horrible front and back yards. They even mentioned house sitting for us while we are on vacation. Can you imagine? Coming home to a completely different house would be the icing on the cake of an already much-needed trip!

Just in case this whole idea is not a cruel joke, I will need to come up with a wish list of things my aunt and uncle can try to accomplish while we’re away. This means coming up with a plan of what rooms to tackle, which materials I need to purchase, and a reasonable list of projects that someone can finish in a short two-week timeframe. I’ll also need to come up with some kind of gift to show my nearly-spastic excitement and appreciation for the enourmous blessing this is!

First on the list:  task lighting for the kitchen. Even if the cabinets, countertops, and everything else stays (I shudder at the thought), what I hate the most is that there is only ONE light in the kitchen area. I plan to someday add an island the the middle of the room, so it would be wonderful if two pendant lights were capable of hanging where the one light fixture is currently placed. I would also love under cabinet lights and another pendant light over the sink area.

I know I can probably handle tiling a bathroom floor on my own, but why do it if I have an expert who knows what they are doing? I’ve already admitted that I have some trepidation about tackling a bathroom reno (it seems to be an irrational fear, but a fear nonetheless), so it seems pretty perfect that I could get some genuine know-how all up on it.

Speaking of tile, I have no idea how long it would take to put a backsplash in our kitchen. If that’s on the menu… I’m ordering.

Gosh, it seems the possibilities are endless. What would you do if you could ask for anything you wanted in your house? Would you tackle a complete reno for one room, or would you choose to get small improvements in each room completed? All I know at this point is I’m going to have to finish up our guest bedroom in short order… company’s coming!

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  1. Oh, exciting! My parents are coming up in September and they want to help us out on our house, too. My dad's pretty much an electrician, so I'm thinking possibly under-cabinet lighting and then a tiled backsplash. Of course, there's about a billion other things, as well… it's hard to choose! ;) Tackling home projects with out-of-town guests is always lots of fun, too – it definitely adds a ton more excitement, I think!


  2. Lucky you! If your Aunt and Uncle want to keep traveling north and come visit us in North Carolina, they can help us out too! ;o)