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I’ve got a small problem at my front door.

Several small problems, in fact – most of which derive as a result of things I’ve removed.

The removal of the storm door and a week’s worth of rainfall has resulted in lots of muck splashed onto the trim. That’s not so bad – I consider it a small price to pay for not having an ugly storm door covering up my pretty navy one.

The other problem has been stumping me for a little while. I removed the ugly, tarnished kick plate from the bottom of the door, which was held in place with six screws. Even though the plate is gone, the holes aren’t. And because it’s on the exterior, I wasn’t sure what kind of material I could use that would have staying power. I could use my go-to material (caulk), but I wanted to find something that would maybe stiffen to a harder surface (kinda like… well, the door).

I think I’ve found the answer, but I have to try it out and find the front door paint somewhere in the garage. I‘ve also been spending a few nights shaking my groove thang in front of the neighbors while I tackle more of the exterior trim (I’m not sure they are amused by the new Maroon 5 album like I am, but music always makes the project seem a little less tedious). Between that and preparing for my upcoming summer final exams, I’m going to be pretty busy this week. Maybe even too busy to clean off the muck. Kidding. Feel free to share what you’ve been working on :)

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  1. Sarah, there was this “stuff” I recently read about that is sorta like caulk but hardens to, well, super hard! Maybe call home depot – it was a blog about filling in the hardware holes in an old door. Hope that helps a tiny bit… good luck with your front door!

  2. I'm tits deep in my kitchen renovation. I'm currently enjoying the Spanish Pop station on Pandora – nevermind the fact that I don't speak a lick of Spanish. It's upbeat and damn catchy (even if I don't know what they're singing about). I'm already the weird neighbor, so I figure I might as well own it. Pretending to sing along to Spanish pop seems like a good way to do that.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    What you need to fix the holes in the door is just a little bit of BONDO from the auto repair section. You won't need much for that repair. Sand and paint and you are done!

  4. Yea just some BONDO will fill those holes right up and wont even be visible once you sand and re-paint the door. Just keep up the “Moves Like Jagger” while you do it.