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Of course it would rain the night after painting my front stoop. Of course.

And of course, I wouldn’t check something like this before deciding to whip out the paint brush. Thankfully, it will be dry for the next few days, so I’ll be able to move on quickly to step 2:  filling in all of the pock marks in the cement slab.

See what I mean? This slab has had some brutal teen years I bet. I didn’t realize how dented the slab was until I painted the first coat. But that’s what’s great about two coats:  the first one helps you find the deep imperfections to caulk; the second gets everything nice and smooth. I used to try to find and caulk imperfections before the first coat (or when using primer), but realized I would still inevitably miss something and have to do it again. So, time-wise, waiting until the first coat is just more efficient.

To fix the imperfections, I’m using a tube of caulk that – shocker – does not require a caulk gun. Mind blown. Kidding.

A few minutes of labor, and it’s like I didn’t do anything at all. Which I suppose is a good thing, but it always feels a little underwhelming when I do a DIY project that looks like nothing happened.

Stay tuned for the second coat and a little chair project!


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  1. Looks great. we're going to be doing some work on our front cement porch.
    Thanks for linking up and be sure to link up or link back if you want to win the free advertising! :)