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Last Saturday, I went down to Griffin, GA for a pink-hued baby shower with attitude. My friends Jared and Julie are due to bring little Carolina Grace into the world this fall, and since football season is just around the corner (nothing gets between us southern gals and football!), a baby shower was scheduled for the last weekend in August. At least, I’d like to think that was the reason, but it worked out anyway :)

Another friend of mine, Anna, is also due this fall but moved to California last year with her husband. Because I’m going to miss her baby-palooza altogether, this was two-for-one gift opportunity and I had to be prepared.

Babies, of course, need tons of stuff, and I wanted to pick up a little bit of everything. I took a trip to Target and assumed that I would be walking out with a very empty wallet, but it turns out, tiny clothes equal tiny prices. I was able to get clothing, pacifiers, rattles, etc. for about what I spent on myself that day (I can’t go Target without walking out of the store with at least 3 new articles of clothing – they get me every time!). Ok, so I was shopping for babies, but as a tyke-less gal, I can find a few nice things for me too, right?

At home, I spread out the new merch and organized it into two gift bags, but there was a little something missing… something personal. When I give gifts, I do my best to combine the store-bought with the handmade so I can give something unique to each person. So, I took an idea from Young House Love’s baby book and created a prediction page for each of the preggo ladies.

If you haven’t yet seen the details behind YHL’s prediction page, you can find the original here. The idea is to create a list of things that each parent can predict about the baby, such as eye color, favorite subject in school, future profession, etc. Then, the mom-to-be takes her turn to make her predictions, and the new dad does the same. In time, they’ll get to see who was right!

But since this was a gift, I didn’t want to limit their prediction choices to the ones that I could think of copy. So, I added two more blank lines to the bottom, which would allow the couple to come up with some of their own.

And, as I mentioned before, we’re all big college football fans. Anna’s household is the same as mine – two people who bleed Red & Black for the UGA Bulldogs. Julie’s house, on the other hand, is divided between the Bulldogs and the South Carolina Gamecocks. As such, I put each corresponding school logo next to the baby name (colored pink, of course!). Is it obnoxious? No doubt.

I really liked the way it turned out. Julie did too!

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  1. SO CUTE! Thanks so much for the shout out. Your prediction cards are adorable!

    Sherry (& John)

  2. I just finished watching The Blind Side. Now I understand what you mean about Southern gals and football.
    I had never heard of a prediction page before, except in office betting pools. Yours is so much classier.
    Who are you kidding – tiny clothes have tiny prices!?!?! Has never been my experience.

  3. You're right, not all the baby stuff is inexpensive, and it may just be that I was in Target at the right time (it is the end of the summer season so there was a sale). But I was surprised to see $4.00 dresses! I wish I could find clothes that cheap in my size!