ombre geometric heart cross stitch pattern

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Just in time to DIY for Valentine’s Day, this ombré geometric heart cross stitch pattern is an easy template you can complete in an afternoon.

pink geometric heart cross stitch pattern


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Hi friends!

It’s the start of another long week. And as much as I’d like that to mean I’ll get a lot done in the next seven days, it seems like more of the kind of week where I’m going to blink and ask myself, “where in the world did the time even GO?!?!”

On a brighter note, I can say that behind the scenes, there is a lot going on. Just before the weekend, I went to check out the space for WorkbenchCon (to catch you up, it’s a DIY conference that is launching here in Atlanta next month — similar to Haven and coordinated by the same person, but with lots more power tools and grit — and I’m building a booth for it!).

Atlanta - WorkdbenchCon location

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ALSO, I designed this pattern!

geometric heart colors

Geometric Ombré Heart

The last cross stitch pattern I published to my library was the anatomical brain (right around Halloween), so I figured it was time to go ahead and come up with something new. I have several more slated to go live later this year (of various styles and complexities), so if you’re a fan of cross stitch like I am, you’ll have lots to choose from in 2018.

The heart, obviously, made sense to go with first since Valentine’s Day is not too far around the corner, and this one is simple enough that you can still do it with time to spare. I didn’t want to make it too cheesy, just in case you decide you want it up year-round (I think it would go great in a modern gallery wall with gold-colored thread).

Creating the template was similar to how I’ve done it before, but since it required creating my own graphic too, I thought I’d give you a glimpse in how it all came together.

How to Create a Geometrical Heart Graphic in PicMonkey

For this pattern, I started in an online design software called PicMonkey. Fair warning: these are a cursory version of instructions; learning to use a software tool can take a while, and this is not primarily a tutorial about how to use software. So, I’m going over general steps as if you are familiar with it already. This won’t impact your ability to use the finished product, so this is just for people who want to know how I created the graphic!

I used one of their “heart” overlay shapes over a blank, white template (choose Design from the home screen, then click on the butterfly icon to open Overlay options, then Hearts > Basic). I didn’t change the color because this was only meant to help me give the design the right shape.

heart shape

Then, I covered it over with a black rectangle overlay (butterfly icon again, then Geometric > rectangle shape, then resize to fit over the heart) and made the box transparent (fade to about 50%).

overlay on heart shape

I switched to the eraser tool and began to erase in straight lines (a neat trick done by using the shift key) on the black rectangle that overlapped around the shape of the heart. The straight lines create medium-ish-sized triangles until the heart is complete.

heart shape with triangle cutouts

I then deleted the heart overlay while making the see-through black overlay white and changed the fade back to 0%. Then, I made the background (canvas) black and flattened the image. Doing this makes the erased parts look like black lines on a white canvas!

geometric heart black

From there, I was able to change the colors as I saw fit. I like the tricolor options best, so I’ve included one tri-color option (blue) in my pattern along with a single-color option. Feel free to use whatever color combinations you like; as long as you follow the lines (changing color right around the same lines you see in my pattern template), you can customize it to match your favorites!

tri color geometric heart color options

Ok, so that was a very brief overview for the way this design came to be, but it was actually really easy! Once I created my pattern from the graphic, I saved it into the Cross Stitch Library so you can download it for free (note: you have to be an email subscriber to access any of the templates, but they are all free and growing as I add more patterns). You’ll even get a sneak peek of the pattern I’m launching this spring!

ombre geometric heart cross stitch pattern


P.S. My next post will be a subject that people have asked about a LOT: the kitchen. I’ve gotten SO many questions lately on how the cabinet paint is holding up, how the countertops look these days, etc. So I’ll have a few pictures of that, along with tips on how to keep your kitchen bright and lively during the winter (anyone else ready for spring yet??? I have SO MANY ideas and things to announce this spring that I’m practically humming with my impatience.)

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