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Last night, I took a trip down to Atlantic Station (an outdoor shopping center in the heart of Midtown Atlanta) to do a little window shopping and pick up some light bulbs from Ikea (which is technically not in the shopping center, but I still refer to it as “going to Atlantic Station” because people who live here know it very well).  Why take a trip just for light bulbs?  Because I’m trying to keep my little lighting experiment as safe as possible with low-wattage bulbs that are still round enough to give it the look I want.  The bulbs I picked up are only 7w each.  So that should work fine.

Anywho, the main reason I wanted to go to Atlantic Station is for West Elm.  My goodness, I’d own everything in the store if I could.  And if I had 100 homes to furnish, since this store in particular carries a lot of stuff.  But I think out of all of the stores I shop in, W/E usually catches my eye.  Not only because each item in itself usually suits my aesthetic, but also because of the styling ideas I get when I’m here.  Not that I need to put any of these ideas to use for a while… styling an entryway is less important when half the steps aren’t painted yet (or are they?  Next week’s update!).

See what I mean?  Swoon.

This basket setup makes me want to collect soaps that smell heavenly and look pretty in handmade paper (but of course don’t really do very much other than that).  My totally ridiculous attempt/version would probably involve Dove bars bought in bulk from Costco wrapped in wrapping paper.  Classy.

I want this light fixture for the dining room.  But I can’t afford it, so I’ll have to figure something out that doesn’t involve stealing (I think I’d look weird with that many boobs under my shirt).

Speaking of stealing – hey Ann Marie, West Elm swiped your font.

These are easy DIY with some glass votives and some spray paint on the inside (though I’d advise being careful with actual candles since the paint is on the inside of the glassware).  But this idea may be just what I need for some extra color in the guest bathroom.

I love these stone bath accessories.  They’re heavy, but they have little glinty tiny bits that catch the light.

I picked up only two things and spent less than $15.  Pretty proud of myself for keeping to a budget.  One will be a piece of art for the kitchen someday, but you’ll have to wait for a new post about that since I have to iron it (and let’s face it, ironing is not on my priority list right now).  Tonight, I’ll be heading to the YHL book signing event and will probably spend a very long time standing in line (the RSVP met its limit weeks ago and I’m sure some fans will show up anyway).  But I’m wearing flats and have my iPhone charged and ready with the Spotify (music can make anything seem to go faster).  The rain is not going to be a picnic.  Thankfully the shops next to the event are on my to-do list.  Anyone want to be my line buddy and trade off the shopping vs. standing in line?

(Btw, not a paid post.  I mostly just get bored when I shop alone and tried to pass the time by experimenting with pictures on my phone.  Then I realized I had a lot of photos of West Elm and nothing else to post about today.  And that’s how posts are born.)


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  1. says

    I love window shopping, but I always go without a camera! And my phone sucks at taking pics that are blog worthy.
    But there are so many DIY ideas out there and sometimes I scare the other customers in the store when I gasp outloud because I happened to peek at the price tag! YIKES! Have to learn to control myself on that.

  2. says

    I will be your line buddy! My sister has the flu so I'll be heading there by myself after I give a make-up quiz this afternoon (I'm an accounting professor, so maybe I can give you some tips for your financial analysis class as well – yeah I'm a dork). What time are you going?

  3. says

    When I lived in California we had a West Elm, and then we moved to Indiana and no one had even heard of it!
    But…we just got a West Elm in our mall and I'm over-the-moon excited!
    A sad twist to my happy story? The only thing I've purchased there so far has been for my husband's office. :-(

  4. Sheri says

    I love going to Atlantic Station just for West Elm and Ikea. It's so hard not to purchase everything in sight! Sticker shock at West Elm usually helps me get over that.
    P.S: I'll be at the YHL signing tonight too!

  5. says

    I remember the day Ikea and Atlantic Station opened. I must have been a sophomore at Georgia Tech. Whenever I'd had a bad day or didn't feel like studying, I'd drive over and “pretend” to shop. I had a mediocre job on campus so I stock piled my apartment with Ikea furniture. I live in Houston now and Ikea is 45 minutes away (it's like taking a vacation trying to drive across town to get there), but I still love going there! Hope you enjoyed the YHL book signing! I have two books now since my original got ruined over the holidays :-(

  6. says

    i think i know how to diy that multi-globe light.

    you'll need a large rectangular picture frame with masonite cut to fit, a few different sizes of globes from the hardware store, and pendant light kits, which i think you can get at ikea (or off amazon?), depending on the way you want to attach the globes to the light kits.

    drill holes in the masonite so that the globes might touch but not much, then thread the wire though. attach them all with wire nuts, and then wire them as 1 into the central ceiling light in the dining, if you have one.

    try and wrap the wires around a small hook hidden by the frame so the weight isn't only on the wiring, and then attach the frame with command strips. add a little extra molding along the sides and it'll look like a rectangular ceiling doily-thing.

    if that makes any sense.

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