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Last week while I was on vacation, I had a couple of posts pre-scheduled to publish when I knew I’d be preoccupied with things like sunbathing and rum-sipping. I have to admit, I absolutely love the WordPress phone app simply because it lets me moderate comments on the go. And as it turns out, it was a good thing I could approve them poolside – my post asking for your opinion on home décor trends you’re tired of seeing got a ton of activity!

Some of your comments really cracked me up (and granted, I was in a delightfully relaxed mood anyway thanks to the rum beach). For the most part, I agreed and laughed right along with you. It was all in good fun, and nice to see that so many of you took it for exactly what it was meant to be (as a matter of personal opinion, not an excuse to bash someone else’s choices). The category was also pretty broad:  some of you mentioned a trend you think is overdone, while others mentioned trends that they simply don’t “get” or aren’t into themselves. A lot of you also agreed that Pinterest and blogs tend to “burn out” trends faster than before. But I also noticed something else: a lot of you share the same dislike for certain trends. As I kept reading, it sort of turned into something like this in my head:

“Ha, another reader who is tired of chevron.”  Sip.

“Yup, pallet wood. Expected that.” Sip.

“Ha. Ikat, Ombre, and mustaches. Yep, yep, yep.”  Sip. Sip. Sip.

I also like to read other blogs from a reader app on my phone. As I moved through the blogroll, I kept sipping every time I saw one of the items featured in someone else’s post. Without even trying, I started playing a drinking game… and spurred the idea for a fun Friday post!

home blog drinking game

Ready to get started? Here’s how you play:


Drink one for every time you see one of the following items mentioned by you guys from the Reader Remarks post:

  • sunburst mirrors
  • chevron
  • ikat
  • Ombre
  • subway tile
  • gray walls (just take my home tour and you’ll probably get a good buzz from this alone)
  • mustaches
  • “Keep Calm” signs and other word art
  • gallery walls
  • distressed furniture
  • oil-rubbed bronze (ORB)
  • Shaker style cabinets (I was surprised at this one; most of you have come to dislike them simply because of difficulty cleaning them)
  • empty picture frames
  • books sorted by color or covered to get them to match on shelves
  • animal heads
  • neon
  • mason jars
  • owls
  • spray painting everything white
  • maps everywhere
  • polished brass
  • painted upholstery


Drink two every time you see a blogger doing one of the following common blogger habits (not necessarily bad habits – this wasn’t a part of the Reader Remarks post, but I think these are a fun way to spice up the game):

  • using periods after. every. single. word.
  • “Swoon!”
  • selfies
  • apologizing for not blogging
  • using “wah-lah” (or similar) instead of voilà
  • using a food item in reference to a growing fetus – peanut, cashew, bean, etc. (I wonder what I’ll use if/when? Hmm. Tic-tac sounds good.)
  • hashtags with no link purpose (#justkidding)
  • exclamation point party!!!!!!!!
  • a blog post featuring only Instagram photos

CHUG ITFinish your drink if you find more than five of the above in any single post (and now I kind of want to also turn this into a bingo game).

I would LOVE it if you had more of your own rules to add to this list (comment below and I’ll update the post when I see some good ones!). Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love this! So many blogs blend together in my mind because they do all the things you listed. I love a blog when you can really get a sense of the blogger’s personality (like yours!) instead of just reading the same expressions on every one. It makes me wonder if they really say those things, or if they just think it’s how you’re supposed to write a blog. I don’t drink, but I’ll play along with Pepsi!

  2. I have not even READ the post yet!!! The title says it all! I am laughing and in shock–can’t wait to read this one! I always found your beer comments interesting and thought “I am not her mother–don’t concern yourself”. Well, lets just say we may have been the same in college–perhaps? And when you were “studying” abroad did you study???? Yeah–I had a five week semester of Spanish in Madrid, Spain…aka “club med vacation”. Yeah, pool outside dorm, bar in lobby to dorm (???), and they housed all the Americans in the boys dormitory. That is just the beginning. Enough said? Oh yeah–I think I went to class 3 days? (This comment can apply to your traveling post also–just so I don’t seem off track in my thinking).

    1. And now a comment on your POST–LOVE it! You crack me up. I think drink two had me laughing the most. Tic-tac is great. I would love to see some other names for that one. Thanks for the laughs–and yes, we would have been at the same table for “quarters” (I am quite a bit older than you).

  3. I’ll add in if you read “Easy Peasy” or “Easy Breezy” or any blog entry that starts with “Don’t you just love this time of year!”

  4. I’d like to nominate another trend for oblivion: Jack and Jill bathrooms. Any shared room where there is a door you lock and then leave via another door? Recipe for angry words and midnight emergencies. So much simpler to have a hallway door where you must unlock it in order to leave the room. Not to mention much better wall space in the two bedrooms in question.

  5. Bah ha ha! I just peed myself a little.

    I really dislike when bloggers use “lurve” instead of “love,” and things of that nature. Bad grammar and misspelling really get on my nerves anyway.

    I think it’s funny when people with blogs primarily read by friends and family add disclaimers like “I wasn’t paid for this post. I just really like the product.” Really? I would have sworn that with your reach of 20 people that you would certainly be on *big company’s* radar. On the same token, too many sponsored posts annoy the crap out of me. I totally get that a little extra income makes a huge difference, but I don’t read blogs to be advertised to.

    1. Actually, those bloggers are probably just trying to comply with a fairly strict law. Even with no readers bloggers have to have disclaimers.

    2. Yeah, grammar (sometimes) gets to me too! I think over the years, certain words get adopted simply because so many read each other. And then the word spreads like herpes.

      I completely get your point about product stuff. I definitely have a strong opinion about it, too. But that’s probably for a whole different blog post – I could go on & on! You might be surprised to know that a lot of big companies actually seek out small audiences sometimes. Plus, if they are new & small, they might be doing it just because they think it’s part of the FTC rules. I’m sure that blogger still really appreciates you reading, too! It’s a tough call trying to find that sweet spot of sponsored posts – to pay for the expenses of keeping up a blog, but trying not to alienate our readership.