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Painted House Numbers

Just before leaving the house for the weekend, I managed to get the old house letters a fresh coat of paint.

Of course, I’m not going to show you all of them – just this one.  Not that I wouldn’t love to see you stalking my house and wielding a knife all psycho killer like, but a girl needs her privacy, namsayin?

Anywho, I have plenty of updates coming, but wanted to use this opportunity to give you a few quick ones:

First, Washington DC was a fantastic trip, aside from the fact that it was abso-friggin-freezing.  A big review of the houses I saw, some really neat DIY ideas, and a really cool design-your-own site coming up this week, so stay tuned for it.

Also, there are two new sponsors for the month of October – remodelr.com and AMA Waste Management.  Remodelr.com is an awesome sight that sells just about everything (thousands of products) you might need to replace in a house – yes, even the kitchen sink – at discounted prices.  If you’re in the market for, well, anything house related, check ’em out.  AMA has skip hire, domestic waste, and recycling services for the UK.  I’ve gone global, even with my sponsors!  You should check these guys out, too – their customer service team is wonderfully nice (and I’m partial to their lilac colored trash rubbish bins).

And speaking of sponsors, the Fish Foam giveaway ends tonight, so if you haven’t entered yet, be sure to do so by 7 PM!  More coming soon!

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