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By no means do I consider myself the poster girl for spring cleaning. But with two dogs and lots of DIY going on in the house, I’m constantly trying to get better.

Between the primary bedroom makeover and the garage workshop progress, I feel like the house is on some incredibly good momentum heading into spring. I’m still admittedly lazy and shortcutting with my cleaning habits, but it helps that I have another person around who can help keep me accountable (and the reverse is true, too).

This year, I’ve decided to create a small tip list (for you and for me) with some spring cleaning tips. I’m starting with 10 just for the sake of having a nice round number, but I tend to add to these lists over time when I find tips worth adding. So, be sure to let me know your favorite tips in the comments below this post! ?

10 Tips For Faster and Better Spring Cleaning

1. Set the Mood

One of the HARDEST parts of cleaning of any kind for me is that first moment where you tell yourself, “ok, let’s stop all this other stuff, time to clean.” There is always another project in some stage of finishing around here, and the temptation to blow off cleaning for another day is tough to fight! But I find that once I begin, I usually get sucked into a whirlwind of cleaning productivity. So, when the first warm and breezy weekend arrives, I’m opening the windows, putting on a pot of coffee, turning on a playlist that puts me in a good mood (not dissimilar to the playlist I use when painting), and pick a goal. That usually has the domino effect I’m looking for to keep going.

Kitchen with coffee maker on right side

2. Gather the Cleaning Products and Create a Checklist

It’s been on my to-do list for a while now, but I’ve been thinking of re-repurposing the extra kitchen pantry and turning it back to a broom closet (it currently has a bunch of shelves from the previous owner who repurposed it from the original broom closet, but it mainly stores lesser used items). We’ve been stashing some cleaning products in there, but other products are under the kitchen sink. And upstairs in the hall closet. And a bucket of other products were found in the garage. It really would be better to redesign a single cleaning hub and not wind up having to search the house for a refill I’m looking for or winding up with duplicates that aren’t needed (I do find it useful to keep duplicates of the things we use most upstairs and down, but there’s a difference in strategic duplicating and buying multiples because you can’t find it!). I’ll definitely share that organizing project when finished!

two kitchen pantries

Also, create a checklist of your largest priority items or download one that you find online. Try to knock out the least desirable tasks first; it will provide momentum from the sense of accomplishment.

3. Start from the Top Down

It just makes sense, right? But when you’re buzzing around the house, it’s hard to stay focused mid-clean, and it’s only natural for all the dirt my dogs track in (and cough cough, the sawdust I track in) to get the most attention. Keep reminding yourself to look up and dust, reverse the ceiling fans, wipe down the fridge and light fixtures, etc. Start from the ceilings and work your way down so you don’t miss spots or dirty the floors twice.

master suite progress - black ceiling fan

I’ve also got pretty bad hayfever in the spring, so this effort goes a long way to keep the dust and pollen from re-settling in places I’ll touch and then get in my eyes.

4. Purge, Purge, Purge

Whether it’s the Konmari Method, 40 Bags in 40 Days, or another decluttering concept, make a goal to take at least one trip to Goodwill to donate things you’re no longer using. I just did it for my garage over the weekend, and although I didn’t finish (not a surprise considering I was also building my jewelry organizer), I can’t WAIT to get back in there and get rid of even more.

Also: less stuff means less stuff to clean in the future. Waaaay easier.

5. Refresh and Neutralize Odors

After an entire season of leaving the windows closed, spring is a great time to open up the windows, let fresh air in, and bring in clean linens/spray things down with fabric refresher. I currently use Febreze for this and am so glad to have them as a sponsor this year for the pups!

6. Clean out bags and coat pockets

I don’t change out my purse frequently, so I find that I collect things most in winter. Spring is when I empty out the bags, coat pockets, and purses that I carry around. I sweep out the business cards, sort through receipts, and get rid of old gum (and how are there always bobby pins but I can never find them when I want, and I hardly ever actually use them??). And, bonus: I often find a little cash in one of my coat pockets. It may seem like a tiny gesture, but you’d be surprised how refreshing it really feels. Plus, MONEY.


7. Clean the Things That Clean

Spring is when I remember that things like brooms, dishwashers, and washing machines need cleaning sometimes, too!


8. Bring in a Plant or Two

This is pretty much a perpetual cleaning tip, but having greenery around makes a room feel instantly brighter (and it is good for the air, too). Since I’m a little hit and miss with caring for new plants, I tend to stick with plants on clearance (most of the time, they’re just a little ugly or some of the leaves are kinda meh, but in a new pot and fresh soil, they almost always look 100% better).

plants and succulents along kitchen sink

9. Care for the Floors

You guys know I’ve been partnering with Swiffer for years to care for my floors, and I’ve gotten my whole family in on it, too! My mom and dad have wood floors in their home, so I usually grab a few bottles of Swiffer WetJet Wood to give to them while I use the All Purpose for mine (I have laminate while they have the real deal; I can get both from Amazon). I appreciate how Swiffer products fall right in line with my lazy attitude toward spring cleaning and does double duty; the solution dissolves dirt (especially from the family dogs) but is gentle on the floor, while the pad traps and locks the dirt away.

Swiffer WetJet Wood

(Also, since my own family is covered on product, I’m actually planning on bringing some of the wood care products up to Tennessee when I visit K’s family again in the next month or so. It’s funny, but having a Swiffer hookup gave me extra girlfriend points with the fam. ?)

10/ Don’t Forget the Pet Areas

Clean their bedding, give them a bath, and throw in a good brushing. You can throw their plastic toys in the upper area of the dishwasher and throw out anything too grimy or gutted. Do a thorough cleaning in the areas they tend to sit/lay the most. Wash their bowls (and build them a dog dish stand if you want to take things to the next level!).

Charlie relaxing on the new sectional and getting everything covered in dog hair

11. Bonus tip: Clean Your Keyboards & Phone

In a word: ew. I’m not going to repeat the data, but there are studies out there that compare these items to your toilet seat, and they’re… pretty much in favor of touching the toilet seat instead. Electronics that touch your hands and face (like your cell phone) collect skin cells, makeup sludge, and grime all year long. That can lead to breakouts, illness, etc. Use products that are safe for cleaning electronics, but give things a good wipe so you can get back to business, like googling terrifying germ data.

There you have it! Just a few quick tips, but I’ll add more if I think of them. Do you have any spring cleaning hacks you use that make the job easier or faster? I’d love to hear them (and be both cleaner yet lazier for it!).

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  1. I really like having multiple sets of cleaning supplies. Especially having a 2 story house I don’t want to be lugging things all over, it just makes me talk myself out of cleaning. So all bathrooms have everything under the sink to clean that bathroom and the kitchen has everything under the sink to clean the kitchen (except mop or broom). Each floor has it’s own vacuum, mop, broom & dusters so I don’t have to lug things up and down the stairs. If things are running low I’ll put it on a synced grocery list on my phone (my husband can add to it whenever he wants on his phone).