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Ok, so maybe I was on a little bit more of a rant yesterday than I realized. My original intention was to provide you with a couple of quirky stories and headaches that I’ve encountered along the way of my DIY home renovation, but after reading it with fresh eyes, I realize it was more of me whining for a few paragraphs. Sorry about that! But, I guess…

It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to.

Thank you for your comments yesterday about your own house grievances. Each of them were wonderful to read! And, as I read them (and sympathized), I was reminded of a few more stories of my own:

1. My previous owner (the one with the fingernails) actually said these words: “It’s move in ready!”

2. The previous owner also used nails, not screws, to install every. single. one. of her curtain rods throughout the house. And when that didn’t work… packaging tape.

3. Packaging tape was her friend as well for keeping doors closed and keeping curtains open. I guess in the scheme of things, at least it was clear tape, and not duct tape everywhere! We had a heck of a time getting the walls repaired afterward though (many years of tape = lots of glue residue and peeling paint).

I don’t think we’ll have quite the same luck that Chelsea of This Fresh Fossil did when she unearthed her patio, but I’m also really glad we don’t have the same problem as Mark at 227 North Street where random strangers stroll into the house unannounced! Homeownership is truly an adventure… or misadventure, depending on the day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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