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These are just a few of the thoughts or observations I’ve made as of late…
  • I was trying to make a cake the other day using a two ingredient recipe I found on Pinterest while waiting for a coat of paint to dry in the garage. Discovered that I had no can opener (Scott must have taken it when he moved out – I think it was his), but assuming I had it, had already emptied the first of the two ingredients into a bowl. Stuck with a spice cake mixture and no other ingredients to make the cake the old fashioned way, I tried to open the can with a power tool (with a blade made for soft metal). OCD won out and stopped because I realized I was terrified of having anything from my garage actually touch my food. I still have all my fingers despite the few minutes of sheer lunacy that made me think this was a good idea (so don’t try this at your own home if you prefer not to earn nicknames like “Nubs McMoron”).
  • Upon looking for said can opener, realized that I had a tape measure in my silverware drawer.
  • Upon looking for tin foil to cover the bowl and take it to my parents house where they have a can opener, realized that I had sandpaper in the drawer where I keep foil and plastic wrap. Plastic wrap was missing.
  • Plastic wrap was upstairs in the primary bathroom from its last use of covering a wet paint brush. Which is now dry and rock solid. I’m glad I don’t spend more than $5 on these brushes and that I buy them in bulk to account for my well-intentioned but poorly executed plan at saving myself extra effort.
  • Nine out of ten of my fingernails have bright white tips. I don’t know if this is by luck, if I just have caulk underneath them, or if it’s because the tenth is stained from multiple run-ins with the nozzle of spray paint, and they just look phenomenal by comparison.
  • On most days, I have paint somewhere on my skin that didn’t wash out from the shower the day before. Today it happens to be a birthmark-like shape on my left forearm from brushing up against one of the fake candy gumdrops I was painting in the garage. I’m just thankful it’s not splinters.
  • I’m glad it’s winter, because that means I can wear tights over my legs for work and hide random bruises on my shins.
  • I have two constant lists in my phone now:  Groceries and Hardware Store.
  • I am still so very, very thankful that I have a hobby I feel so passionate about that I let it turn my brain into mashed potatoes.
I didn’t wind up posting a thankful list on Thanksgiving as I originally intended to do. And even if it’s over a week after the holiday, it’s never too late to talk about what I’m thankful for. And my crazy, random, often confusing/frustrating DIY life is certainly something to be thankful for. I’m happy that I live close enough to family to be able to ask for their help (and even more thankful that they actually say yes). I am very thankful for my readers and the success this blog has brought me (and the sanity of being able to commiserate with similar home-obsessed people). Have any of your own you’d like to add? Please feel free to share.

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  1. Hey there!

    I stumbled upon your blog while trying to find DIY butcher block countertops, and shower stall tiling. Your website is really helpful and funny at the same time. Just wanted to pay you a compliment and let you know how cute and beautiful you are :) Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re awesome!

  2. Came accross your blog while googling “how to paint kitchen cabinets without having to sand them”- I’ve now been reading all your posts for the last 3 hours and have completely ignored my offspring and made myself a hardware store list with loads of your tips- thanks so much for your blog, your posts are fabulous and make me feel less like a crazed diy-er :)