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I kinda went a little art-happy this week and ordered more prints for the house.

I’ve mentioned it the last time I ordered a few items that I’ve been wanting for the longest time to just eke out a few hours to create some of my own pieces. Before DIY took over my world, I did lots of crafting, especially with paint (mostly acrylics). I took summer art classes as a kid. I made art for family members (a flower bouquet I did in high school still hangs on my grandmother’s bedroom wall). I even painted sunflowers on my college dorm room loft (wish I had a picture of that, but I think it’s lost to a disposable camera I never had developed & now can’t find). I foolishly thought that this blog would wind up being more about crafting to begin with. Nooooope. Because then I discovered power tools and sort of got distracted by shiny metal objects.


But instead of sitting around and wishing that time was on my side (yes it is!), I have slowly been convincing myself that there is only so much to do in the day. I know making time to make a few creative pieces would be beneficial for the whole left brain/right brain balance, but even if I manage it well, would still mean only creating one or two pieces at a time (or possibly not finishing it at all, considering that art can sometimes be something that stays unfinished until the right mood strikes). So that would still mean putting a mix of things I’ve done/things I have purchased in the house anyway. It sounds irrational, but ordering someone else’s art for my house when I know that I can create something more custom for myself (inexpensively to boot) just feels so… odd. Like picking someone else’s nose. Fun imagery, right there.

Point is, I’ve gotten over it and stopped procrastinating for The Day I Can Make Art that may never come. I ordered prints last time, loved ’em, supported artists for their great work, and oh yeah – I also didn’t die, so I told myself to stop being so melodramatic and just buy shit already.

clare elsaesser

Two of these you may have seen before if you like reading design blogs. They are prints from Clare Elsaesser, and I’ve had them sitting in my shopping cart for about four months now. I’ve seen them featured on a few blogs already (like here and here), so I took a little time to make sure it wasn’t just because they were familiar that I liked them. They’re perfect for both of the upstairs bathrooms and will look amazing. Now I’m so happy with the idea that they’ll be in my possession, I’m also grabbing this one for the downstairs powder room. So I guess that was the right call!


This print from Ozscape Designs I randomly stumbled upon (which is apparently possible after hours of searching aimlessly on Etsy), and I just couldn’t pinpoint why I kept coming back to it. It’s just so visually interesting with all of the different patterns. I’ll probably put this one in my little craft studio room and just tape it up with some washi tape instead of framing it.


Lastly, this one (BelindaMarshallArt) was one that Etsy recommended based on other things I’ve favorited (you can see them all here). I definitely like the idea of Etsy just guiding me along to other artists I might like. As for placement? No idea. I have plenty of empty wall space everywhere, so that kinda gives me lots of options.

It wasn’t all about art for the house, though: I found a new spring/summer clutch (similar) (I’ve been carrying the same purse around, seasonless, for over a year now, and just felt like finally switching things up). I guess when it comes to accessories, my purse is just not something I ever prioritize. I find one I like and then carry it around until I feel bored & buy another.


Anyone else feel like it’s already Friday? Happy Friday-ish. Find anything online lately?

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  1. I can see why you loved those two bathing ladies. Lovely colours, and such a peaceful, private atmosphere in the scenes!

    I bought my first piece of art at my Mum’s local art show, and I was so excited to see the red dot on “my” picture, hanging in the gallery. Two weeks from now and I officially get it for my birthday. :D

  2. Totally relate to feeling weird buying other peoples’ art. I have created almost every piece in my house. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed trying to find the right piece for whichever spot, so to me, making it is my “cop out”… And then, if it looks horrible (which has happened MANY times), I can only blame myself! haha

  3. It’s amazing the number of talented folks that are out there. Those are great pieces that you have.

    We’ve picked up some of nicest pieces of art at small art shows. We make a point of when we’re traveling to different places to look for local artwork, whether it’s paintings, pottery, glasswork or whatever. It makes for a nice memento of the trip instead of touristy junk.

    Old prints and ads on Ebay are another great source. I also picked up a mat cutter so I could do my own framing too. That, I’ve learned, takes some practice.

    1. I have a mat cutter as well (used to just use an exacto knife to cut mats!). I’ll have to dig that thing up at some point and start using it again.

  4. Just wanted to say how AMAZING Clare is! I’ve purchased from her a few times, and besides being so gifted, she is an incredibly kind and giving person. KUDOS to tastesorangey!