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One of the wonderful things about having our primary bedroom and guest bedroom newly carpeted is that I can begin searching for the pieces of furniture that were always meant to be, but were put off until we didn’t need to move them out of the way for another project.

So now, I’m Craigslist bargain hunting. First on the list: a dresser for the primary bedroom… which I will probably paint gray (my obsession continues), silver, or white. Maybe I’ll throw some turquoise in to keep things interesting. At any rate, it will be taking the place of an old Walmart bookshelf I’d been using as a TV stand (aka King Dustcatcher) on the opposite wall of our bed. A dresser is desperately needed, as Scott has no drawer room in our newly remodeled closet for his folded clothes (I have far too many shorts/jeans/pants). As the weather cools in fall, this dresser will come at just the right time; my sweaters take up three times the room as my summer clothes!

Our “new” dresser will need to be shorter in length than most standard dressers because of its placement in the room. The door to the bedroom swings into the room against the wall where the dresser will be, and the hallway to the bathroom and closet starts on the other side.

There aren’t too many on Craigslist that currently match that criteria, and I would love to have something with legs beneath it rather than squatting on the ground.

Something like this would be great. And at $40, it’s a steal!

I’ve also recently discovered kijiji (now just ebay), which is a crazy name for ebay classifieds. I didn’t have much luck finding anything yet; it seems that most people in Atlanta are using Craigslist or selling to Goodwill (which I have yet to check).

I hope I find it soon; Scott’s just done another load of laundry and I have nowhere to put the clothes!

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