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A few decisions were made over the weekend.

For one, a gallon of Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy made its way into the house. It wasn’t the easiest paint purchase, but I got it done just before the store closed. Normally, when visiting Big Orange, all that I have to do is tell them what other brand and color name I’d like them to match to (it’s not even necessary to have an existing swatch; their database already has the color mix stored), and I’m on my way. This time, however, the store told me their system had been malfunctioning lately and much of it had been wiped out. Since I already had a test sample of the color, I would have to go back home, retrieve the mix numbers, and have them put it into their computer.

Unfortunately (or as it turned out, fortunately), I didn’t have time to go home and back. It was my grandmother’s birthday dinner, so I had to run across town. When dinner ended, I thought I’d try my luck at the Big Orange near the restaurant. Just before the store closed, I emerged with a gallon of Hale Navy (or its equivalent) under my arm. I guess what malfunctions at one store’s database doesn’t necessarily hurt another.

Also purchased:  the fabric for my study-o chair. I’d narrowed my choices down to two distinctly different patterns, both of which were about the same price (as in, both very expensive!). But thanks to a President’s Day half-off sale, I was able to narrow my selections to one. I’m really looking forward to showing you which fabric I chose, but first I have to figure out how to take the chair apart, reupholster it, and somehow put it back together. I’m hoping that since I have the day off, I can spend at least half of it working on the study-o. Or I can just show you a swatch right now:

Waverly strands

With any luck, I’ll have painted the study-o (or at least the two navy ones) and made progress on the chair by the end of the week. And since I’m still learning the whole balance between school and projects on the house, let’s throw in cleaning out the rest of the room, painting the bookshelf, and finishing the stairs.

Yeah, probably not. But I’ll give it a try. Wish me luck!

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  1. To be geeky for a moment, that's a pro and con of separate databases; if one goes down, others are unaffected. But it makes it so much harder to keep every one up to date.. sorry, I run into these issues at work a lot! Great colour choice!