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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a thing for craft beer and love to discover new brands (I’m an IPA fan, specifically). This weekend, I had a little fun at the Atlanta Winter Beerfest. Normally, beer festivals are pretty predictable:  numerous tents, brand banners, and of course, swarms of craft beer fanatics sampling to their heart’s content.

The location was a little different this time. There’s a old mill near downtown Atlanta that was turned into a music venue well before I was old enough to attend concerts (The Masquerade). Between the bands playing on all three floors and the ceiling beams, it makes for a pretty unique backdrop!

Another thing you don’t see at most beer festivals? A guy drawing drunks. The faces they make, however – yeah, you usually see a lot of that.

Afterward, I ran into some old friends and went to see a jam band at the Tabernacle (another great Atlanta music venue). Judging from the amount of spilled popcorn, we all had a good time dancing.

It was nice to have a little fun for an afternoon and discover a few more local brews. I have plans to do an art project soon involving some of my favorite brands, so now I have a few more six packs to pick up. Oh, and don’t forget that tomorrow is another update for Dueling DIY (I haven’t heard much from Kit over the weekend, so I can only assume she’s being super sneaky and will have made some stunning progress). Cheers!

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  1. Mmm, I love finding new beers. I'll be going to my first beer fest next month… outdoors. in February. in Michigan. Should be a blast!

  2. What a party! I'm loving that venue with those super high ceiling and wood..gorgeous! I'm with you, its hard to be a good craft beer. Cheers!