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What what, what, what…
From here.

Have you ever actually strutted through a thrift shop? As of yesterday… um, yeah, I have. If I could have taken an exact picture like Macklemore’s, I would have. But I wasn’t shopping with anyone, and this isn’t really an asking-a-stranger kind of photograph.

goodwill thrift shop popping tags
Poppin’ tags!

(This post is an attempt to spice up an otherwise boring post about shopping at a thrift store. For it to make any sense at all, you need to have heard this song. Go ahead and listen, I’ll wait. Oh, and NSFW. Oh, and even though these guys look nothing alike, they’re both my ‘type’ in completely different ways. Ha.)

Imma take your grandpa’s style… no for real, ask your grandpa, can I have his hand-me-downs?

I love my little thrift shopping theme song. I think it brings me good luck. But not this canteen. The stripes are awesome… but I’m too much of a germaphobe to drink out of this.

I’m serious about this song. I strolled through Goodwill like I owned the place. With only twenty dollas in my pock-et… Okay, I’ll stop. I think thrift stores are by far the best place to get varying sizes of picture frames. Spray paint them all the same color (or don’t), and you have a gallery wall that only looks expensive. But sometimes you can also stumble onto a large canvas that would normally cost twice as much buying new at a hobby store. And once you paint over it, you can create plenty of unique, personalized art for your home (like I did in my study-o).

I spotted some chairs (I didn’t run across them, ha) that I think would look amazing in a dining room once they were recovered. And for only $19 each (or less – I didn’t even check to see if it was a half-off day), they would really be a great deal.

I didn’t take much home. I loved these glass containers (only $2 and $4 each). It was obvious they were once used for food, but I plan on using the smaller one for the study-o (small items tend to accumulate in an office). I wound up leaving the bigger one behind – the bottom was uneven and I knew the constant weeble-wobble action would drive me batty.

I hesitated bringing this one home. I don’t have kids and it seems so perfect for a kid’s room. But something about it still convinced me to take it home. I think it was probably that it was heavy and only a dollar. For the sheer weight of it, I think I got my money’s worth (and I kind of want to see if it will polish up a little)…

After I made my purchases, I climbed into my car. And what do you think I heard the minute the radio came on?  One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come up!

Have a great weekend!

(UPDATE: YHL is obsessed with the song too and issued a Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge today. The blog world has officially adopted this song for our own. And now I guess I have to make another trip back to take that picture after all!)

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  1. My favorite line is “this shirt smells like r. Kelly's sheets….piisssss”. Good to see hes getting played across the country

    1. There are far too many lyrics in this song that I love to choose just one. But John Wayne ain't got NOTHING on my fringe game, hell no!

  2. I have been to A Classy Flea several times since you posted about it (which was the first I had heard of it). I have never bought anything – everything I like is always furniture that won't fit in my car and I don't quite love enough to come back with a bigger car since the trip is an hour, but I still love looking around in there!

    Also it is funny that you mentioned the weight of the piggy bank – my sister and I just were at a Goodwill Outlet (in Charlotte, NC) – where they sell all clothes at $1.39 per pound. By-the-pound is a very strange way to buy clothes!

    1. I thought only dry cleaners did that. Huh. But A Classy Flea is seriously the best. I wish I lived closer to it so that it wouldn't be a special trip. But I absolutely love my old rice basket that I found there. Someday, I'm certain I'll find an old typewriter and card catalog if I'm diligent enough!

  3. I think that change bank is AMAZING. Even if it just get tucked into a bookshelf it is really really cool.

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking too! I have some pretty grand plans in the future for some built-ins (maybe a future Dueling DIY project?). I think this little trinket will get a primo spot.

    1. Me too. I would have snatched them up in a heartbeat if I needed them for the dining room… I guess it's another man's come up this time!

  4. I love thrift store shopping, I go regularly to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Value Village and “The Thrift store” so I find good stuff all over the place especially on 50% off days!
    P.S. I think of it as “Why pay $500 when you can get a “gently used” one for $50?”

  5. I really can't believe I just watched (most) of that video…I am so out of the loop–they really play that on the radio? The canteen would be great for the log cabin look/in a boys room with that look going. I actually have a hard time going into resale stores. I can't do clothing at all! I have purchased a few pieces of furniture. My greatest bargain? I had a vision for a black trunk as my coffee table. Stopped into a consignment store and there was a black trunk–perfect! And only $99! My mother-in-law said it was quite old as it had square nails, etc. …DEAL!!

    1. UPDATE: Thanks to your blog post I had the interesting and unfortuneate pleasure of dreaming last night about locating some really ugly sweaters from Woolworth (step back in time) and feeling the need to photograph them because they were somehow REALLY special!

  6. You always make me laugh! I just love reading your blog. Also, what are the odds that you went thrift store shopping and referenced Macklemore the same day that younghouselove annoucned a challenge. AND you only had $20 in your pocket.


    1. We must have all decided to post this video, because I was rockin' it on my Thrift Diving Facebook page yesterday, and one of my readers was inspired and did a blog post about it. HA!

    2. Yep, I guess it's no surprise that 1 hit song about thrift shopping + a few hundred thrift-loving DIY bloggers = at least more than one post that “this is f*cking AWESOME”. Great minds I guess?

  7. You KNOW your blog is on a ROLL when you post about the same topic as YHL on the same day! Werk it girl! Love everything you post!

    1. Actually, it kinda made me nervous! There's no comparison to the big guys – their post was hilarious!

  8. Today was the first day in a week that I did not wake up with that song in my head. Thanks, it is back in now. I love that song, seriously. Yesterday, my 9 year old yelled up from the back of our minivan, “Hey DJ, turn on Thrift Shop!” Clean version for 9 year olds, btw.

    That's a cold a$$ honky! (my fav line)

    1. The clean version is soooo boring ;)

      But yeah, probably best for those without double-digit ages.

  9. Seriously had no idea what that song was about until just now. And some clear caulk on the bottom of the jar, put on wax paper overnight… genius.

    1. Yep, genius. My overworked school brain just told me not to deal with the hassle. But you're right. Back to the GW I go…

  10. Yep, this song is HITTIN'! Finally, us thrift divers are getting the recognition we deserve :) There's nothing more exciting than thrift shopping!

    I had a reader email me (whom I have never met) and says she thinks about me when she hears this song. Love that! :)

    1. That kind of compliment is always the best! But I think I'll definitely be singing this song a bit later this year at Haven. Just won't be able to help myself. What what, what, what…