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Now that the craft room has been painted, it’s time to get this room functioning again. Currently, I have an old (and paint-stained) folding table that I have used for the last two years as my craft table. However, I have been exploring potential craft room ideas and it seems like a new table may be in order. I will need to address several problems with the current (and pretty much non-existent) layout: more storage space, more surface area, and separate areas for each craft function (paper, jewelry, etc).

The size of the room is only 10′ by 10′, which is tiny compared to the amount of creative projects that will (hopefully) be exploding out of the room once finished. So, where does everything go? After staring at a blank floorplan for some time, I think I finally have an answer:


Much of this mood board and layout comes from one of the craft room inspirations I mentioned in a previous post. The rooms were so similarly shaped that this was a very easy way to go.

1. The first (and most important!) item to address is a new craft desk. I found several options (which I will include in separate post) which can fit in some way in the right corner of the room. On this desk will fit my laptop and likely some type of small container for miscellaneous items that are pretty enough to be placed out in the open.

2. Above the desk, I will be adding new overhead storage. I have several options in mind for this section too, but one I really like is putting two or three picture ledges to hold just enough space to lay out all of my rubber stamp collection. Below that, I think I can also incorporate a ribbon holder which will get them out of the dusty wooden box that I currently store them in.

photo: West Elm


3. To the left of the only window in the room, I will need to buy or build (gulp) a large storage unit. The IKEA Expedit unit is a good example for open but organized space. Because I expect this room to still be messy, I’m not ruling out the possibility of a unit with doors, but I really like how colorful and punchy this can look if the boxes and folders are color-coordinated to match the rest of the room.

4. Depending on the design of the craft desk, I may or may not need an extra small table that will be stored in this corner when not in use. The table would have rolling wheels to make it easy to roll into the center of the room. This little guy will allow me to have 360-degree access for specific projects that otherwise would be difficult to do on the larger desk. I don’t anticipate sitting when using this table, so it will likely need to stand a bit taller than the desk. A tiny pub table (modified with wheels, of course) could be the perfect thing. Sounds like a Craigslist or Goodwill trip to me!

5. I will also (of course) need seating. Something cushy and comfortable is a must, but I am not sure if I’d rather it be a stool or regular chair. Still exploring fabric options for what I could cover it with. I could even go completely bonkers and add something funky, like an animal print ;)



6. The current ceiling fan is as old as the house and wiggles as it spins. Not good! I would love to put something fun (and kinda quirky) in here, but I don’t quite know which direction I’ll go in yet. A giant shade with some fun fabric could be neat, but would it look dated in a short time?

7. Carpet doesn’t make a lot of sense for enduring many messy projects, so I will be putting either hardwood or laminate flooring in this room. But, I will still want to put a rug or something down in the middle of the floor for protecting it. This one from IKEA is cheap (so no heartbreak when I spill paint or glue on it) but still feels beachy.

8. Finally, I will need some pretty artwork to be inspired by. This shell photograph from art.com picks up the wall color and other colors I think I’d like to add to the room.

Whaddya think? Do zebras belong on a beach? This is my very first attempt at a “mood” or “room” board, and so far I’m pretty pleased with the way it looks!

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  1. looking forward to seeing it come to life! I have been using tables from Ikea uut am ready for at least one table at counter height so working on that. I hope to build one with storage, we'll see if hubby will jump on the band wagon. lol if you have a chance stop in at my blog, there is a link to my flickr account with pics of my studio. Have made a few changes since those photos were taken but it's a good idea of what I have going on in it. *hugs from Conroe, TX! http://www.lovestocreate.com

  2. Oh, how exciting! Your mood board looks fantastic – and I think the zebra stripes totally “go”. Call it beachy-eclectic style. ;)


  3. Thanks! I am really looking forward to the day I can open the door and actually see this sitting in the room. These mood boards are definitely motivating!

  4. Love your site (and your house)!
    I've been dreaming about doing something like this for my own house… first I need a full time job, then I can start thinking about redoing the whole house, one thing at a time.
    Your house is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on a job well done! Love the colours you've chosen too. I'll definitely be back to read more :)

  5. stumbled across your blog from Pinterest. I'm a 25yr old DIYer in my first house.. Also contending with a tricky 10×10 craft room. Having storage and workspace dilemmas. Glad I'm not alone!