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I seem to be settling into post-school life rather quickly. With two loads of laundry in the wash (humming along a little louder than expected, but I also haven’t put the door back on in the laundry room yet), I was able to get a coat of paint around the fireplace in the living room:

Notice the chewed handle – I can at least say I’ve had this paint brush since Charlie was a puppy.

Chalk it up to determination to get my new smart TV up and working for holiday movies in front of the fire :)

Sorry about the dark photos – I’m not lying when I say that this room turns into a cave at night (I’m planning to add more lamp light in the room eventually but that’s way, WAY down the to-do list). Which is pretty much my reasoning for adding the lighter paint in the first place.

I picked up the little red stockings at Target and hung them up just to get rid of the bag they were in. I think it goes without saying that other than the tree, this may be my only actual Christmas decor in the house for a bit (at least until the paint dries).

I also took down my ornament collection and got all three of my storage boxes on the tree. Charlie supervised from her favorite spot in the house.

It went up quickly…

… save for one casualty (the weenie dog’s head is now missing, poor guy). More about my ornament collection here.

My favorite part about my tree? The way the lights twinkle on the floor. It’s a pain that dirt is so noticeable, but I still love these floors – they’ve taken all of my abuse for the last three years and still shine exactly like this.

It felt pretty damn great to just spend my (former) school night shuffling around in the house. Even if that meant doing laundry.

How have your holiday evenings been lately?

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  1. Looks lovely! I’m in the same boat – getting SO much done while school is out. Painting is on the list and I think I’m going to bump it up a little higher after seeing yours. Purty!

  2. Besides the handle, that brush looks really good for being that old! Ours look horrible after first use. Also, we just got that same TV and we LOVE it. We have Amazon Prime and Netflix and it is so easy to watch them and it is so nice not having all the cords.

  3. Your tree is beautiful! That is the most important decoration as far as I am concerned. As long as you have your tree, your house is ready for Christmas!

    As for the school nights, I totally get you. I am no longer a student, but I am a teacher and bring a ton of work home with me every night. I am so ready for the vacation so that I have time to work on some projects.