christmas lamppost cross stitch in black frame

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Each month, I’m sharing one new free cross stitch pattern as part of an ongoing pattern series. This Christmas lamp post is the perfect addition to more traditional holiday color schemes!

christmas lamppost cross stitch pattern

Christmas Lamppost Cross Stitch | Free Pattern

As I mentioned in my Monstera leaf cross stitch post, I wound up sitting down one week and created a whole bunch of new patterns — enough to be able to start sharing one per month with you guys. That means you’ll have plenty of options to create in all those pockets of free time everyone has these days.


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(sarcasm… that last part was sarcasm)

I’m particularly proud of this one, mainly because K was very eager to see this one come to life. He’s generally supportive of my creative endeavors even when he isn’t really into the medium (as you can imagine, cross stitch isn’t as much his thing as it is mine). But I think he wanted to show this one to his mom (aka, the art teacher in the family… and we all love impressing Mom, right?).

christmas lamppost cross stitch pattern

On the 1st each month, you’ll find a new pattern added to the Cross Stitch Patterns Library and available for FREE to subscribers.

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Now that I’ve finished it, I wish I could’ve found an in-between blue color for a size 14 Aida fabric. There’s often a light blue (which is what I used) and a navy color from most online and craft shops, but the black didn’t stand out enough on the navy and the white doesn’t have the right wow factor for the light blue, so the gap in the middle is where I think this pattern would really shine. I think it could work for a number of other color backgrounds as well, but when I played around and picked a medium blue/teal on my digital version, it had that extra oomph I wanted.

I also think for one of the ones in my leaf series that I’m going to try to stitch on gauze and go for the see-through look. I’ve seen the look on Instagram for embroidery projects, and I would love to see a cross stitch version if possible!

I took photos of my progress on this pattern with my phone, just because I think the actual process is fascinating to watch as a slideshow. One of these days, I’ll get the chance to do a whole setup with a stand and lighting so you can see me actually stitch a pattern from start to end. Given that it’s a late-night-before-bed kind of project for me though, it will take a little more effort on my part (and finding some equipment that won’t be too annoying to work with. I’ve only ever just held the hoop with my hand, just as Granny taught me).

christmas lamppost cross stitch pattern free download

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I genuinely hope you enjoy these! If you make one of my patterns, please tag me on Instagram so I can see them being created. Happy stitching, and don’t forget to pin this post for later!

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    1. Ooh that’s a good leaf suggestion! I was working on a bunch of leaf options and I can’t remember if that was one of them. But if not, I’ll try to add it to my queue!