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Our laundry room had some serious neglect before we moved in. It’s got an odd-shaped window, a small nook on the right side that gives about 2 extra square feet (perfect for a slender storage unit), and a HORRIBLE spot of water damage near the water valve.

To be honest, I really hate doing laundry. Hate sorting, hate washing, hate drying, HATE FOLDING, hate putting it away… love clean clothes :)

My distaste for the activity is what led me to decide that I might as well make our laundry room as beautiful as possible to actually enjoy my time spent in here (as much as one could). A pic of my inspiration (from Great Interior Designs) for the room is below. I love the white and cleanliness of the space, but the blue may be overkill for me.

So, when I took the room into consideration, I first identified what I wanted to fix: 
  • Washer and dryer – really old, not energy efficient (someday I hope to replace them but at least they work)
  • Floor – currently linoleum, tile would be better
  • Walls – damaged, in need of attention and patching, then paint
  • Storage – the only shelf in the room does not fit the supports it sits on, and there is nowhere to hang clothes to dry
Additional items that I’m addressing in this room and is the same as all of the rest of the home’s rooms:
  • Paint the trim white
  • Replace the lighting fixture
  • Replace the light switch
  • Paint and/or replace all electrical outlet covers
Many of these items (paint, patching, replacing the lighting, etc) are quick fixes, so these are the first tasks that I will get to in these next few weeks. Behr makes a beautiful pink-beige color called “Naturale”, which is what I plan to paint the walls with. I’d love to get a small area rug to fit in front of the washer and dryer, as well as some artwork to tie the room together, so I have a few things in mind when I’m heading out on shopping trips. Look for an update shortly, this room (I hope) will be one of the easier re-dos of the house!

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  1. Hey, thanks for swinging by the blog today! Looks like you're off to a great start on yours. :) Good luck on your projects!