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… I would totally GUT my ugly kitchen.

You already know how much I dislike my kitchen, but Liz over at It’s Great to Be Home is having a blog party and asked this very question. If you won a free makeover, which room would it be, and what would you do? And since it’s fun to daydream about what I would want in my dream kitchen, I’m heading to the party with a new mood board. After all, if I didn’t imagine what I truly wanted for the room, I wouldn’t have a design to DIY, would I? Here we go!

You may notice that my dream kitchen is a total departure from the usual design plan in the rest of the house. In my dream kitchen, I can think of nothing better than mixing crisp, modern lines (like that sleek planter) with old world charm (like that zinc-topped island) and a splash of color thanks to a little global infusion (like that wall tapestry). Let’s break it down, shall we?

1 & 2. For starters, let’s talk about the color palette. I know it’s probably no surprise or stretch of the imagination to paint my walls gray – specifically, Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray – which is what I have in mind for the living room now that I’ve decided to paint it again. With the kind of open floor plan that I have, a pale gray would allow me to keep each room cohesive but allow me to transition from one accent color to another with little effort. I love the idea of using furniture and accessories to create the pops of color while leaving the walls and cabinets fairly neutral. You know, since it’s easier to mix it up with a new chair rather than spending all of the summer painting cabinets again.

3. For the counter tops, I think I’d have to go with a muddy, flecked granite similar to the laminate replica pictured here. It’s certainly a massive a step up from painting them, don’t you think?

4. Now, we come to color. And big, bright, bold color is exactly what you’ll get with this gorgeous (and affordable!) tapestry from Urban Outfitters. If you go to their website, they even have a pic including a gray chair and small turquoise stool. Love. I know the exact spot where it would hang:  it looks like the perfect size to hang on the breakfast nook wall between the kitchen and dining rooms.

5. Just so the kitchen of my dreams doesn’t wind up looking like the shabby, disorganized, falling apart kitchen of my dreams, I need to include a few modern elements like this trough from Gus Modern. I’m already picturing it sitting on top of the counter height table I purchased last fall. By adding a few more sleek lines in specific places around the kitchen and adjoining hall, the charm of the rustic decor wouldn’t look quite so disjointed and odd (I hope) when coming from another room in the house.

6. I am so in love with this zinc-topped kitchen island. It’s got a wine rack, drawers, and shelving all while keeping the bulk down to a minimum. While my kitchen is large enough for an island, I think a behemoth of a center island would be more of a hindrance than a help, so it’s better to go small scale on this piece of furniture.

7. I first saw this tile on the Benjamine Moore site and I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful it would look as a wall accent between the two pantry doors. Speaking of, I should probably take measurements.

8. I think this pot rack with the wood and metal bracing goes with the kitchen island perfectly. Easy access to pots I never cook in.

Seeing these bright colors makes me even more eager to get the show on the road with turning my kitchen into an eclectic, modern mix of style and function. Thanks to Liz for providing me with the spark I needed to start imagining the possibilities. Go on over to her blog and check out even more great inspiring rooms that others can’t wait to make over. Why not get in on the fun? What would you do with a free makeover?

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  1. When I saw your mood board, the first thing I thought was “oooh, I love the rustic modern!!” I love all the wood elements and that sleek trough – great job. :) Thanks so much for linking to the party, I love getting to see your dream kitchen!

  2. I like your ideas. I think I would redo my kitchen too…or the master bath…or the guest bath…or the backyard…or…


  3. I’d give it to my bestfriend. She has to wash her dishes in the tub because her sink doesn’t drain. Her floor had a hole in it your whole leg will go through. The floor also is at a slop because the deck outside is rottting and pulling from the house. The windows and ceiling through out the house pore water when it rains. There is NO sink in their one bathroom and the commode leaks and backs up on a reg. basis. There is black mold through out the house. These are just some of the issues. She needs help. Please help.