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I am simply no match for the quantities of pine straw accumulating in both the front and back yards of the Ugg-Duck.

Even if I didn’t have other things to work on when it comes to the exterior, the pine tree upkeep is just too much when you consider the straw, the pine cones, and of course, the little pine tree sprouts that come from neglecting the other two. Last year I had help and burned a lot of it, but I was discouraged from doing this again as apparently people actually pay for the stuff I complain about. I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder – my sister and her husband grabbed several bags of it from me last year when they heard I was burning it in the fire pit.

So, I decided to take the Craigslist route just as I did when I wanted to get rid of the large stone birdbath (which up until today I hadn’t thought of for over a year!). The listing was pretty simple, offering free pine straw to anyone who wanted it. You rake, you take, and you bring your own stuff to do so. We shall see how effective it is in the coming week. I even put up a second listing for people who might be looking for pine cones only (they charge a ridiculous amount for the chemically treated/overly scented ones at the craft store, so offering them for free could yield results, who knows?). At any rate, I guess it’s worth a shot not to have to do yard work or risk setting my yard on fire again.

Have any of you listed your yard debris on Craigslist? Did people actually want it? Do tell.

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  1. Dang! If it wasn’t the cost of an airline ticket, I’d come to get pinecones! I’m overdue for new wreaths!

    1. I had sooooo many before taking out a bunch of pine trees! I’m still glad I did it because there are still plenty of pine cones to get from our nightly walks… I just don’t have to clear the pine needles as much :)