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Before I had a house, and before I discovered a love for power tools, I was a crafter. I suppose I just enjoy the satisfaction of making something with my own hands. And even though my attention has largely shifted, many of the principles I learned from crafting have helped my learning curve on bigger DIY projects (when you think about it, tiling the lid of a jewelry box isn’t all that different from tiling a floor; merely the scale of the project changes). So every once in a while, I dive back into my crafty roots as a way to refresh my creativity. This air-dry enamel necklace will be a perfect pairing with a lot of my summer dresses, and was so simple to make.

DIY enamel scallop necklace

DIY Enamel Scallop Necklace

I have an entire collection of jewelry supplies for my craft room (aka the study-o). Thanks to my schedule, I don’t get to play with these nifty little tools as much as I’d like – but Plaid Crafts sent me a huge box of inspiration this month – new tools, findings (the metal connections and parts that make jewelry), charms, brushes, rhinestones, glue, and more. My eyes went wide when I saw the enamel and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.
DIY Enamel Scallop Necklace

DIY Enamel Scallop Necklace – Supplies

For this simple project, the list of items you’ll need sounds a bit long. But jewelry making is actually very easy despite the number of parts you normally work with:

  • Enamel blank(s)
  • Martha Stewart enamel paint (pool blue and sea green)
  • Martha Stewart enamel paint activator
  • Silicone-tipped tool
  • Silicone mat
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Jump rings
  • Chain
  • Closure (I prefer lobster clasps)
  • Toothpicks
  • Rubbing alcohol

DIY Enamel Scallop Necklace – Getting Started

To get started, mix two parts activator with one part paint (the paint is very runny, so be careful not to use too much). A little goes a very long way. The silicone mat keeps the work surface clean and helps with cleanup.

DIY Enamel Scallop Necklace

DIY Enamel Scallop Necklace – Paperclip Improv

Clean the surface where you’ll be applying the enamel with rubbing alcohol. Per the instructions on the package, you’re supposed to mix and apply the enamel with a toothpick. I spun myself around the room blindfolded* and found a paperclip instead. I mixed the green first, and used what was on the end of the clip to mix into the blue next. I would up with a milky seafoam color that looked great with the gold scallop blank.

DIY Enamel Scallop Necklace – Translucent or Opaque?

If you begin applying the enamel right away, the mixture will be thin and runny, which creates more of a translucent look to the jewelry. If you want, you can wait another two hours for the enamel to thicken and get a more opaque application (I didn’t of course – zero patience in this gal). It shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes to apply. Less if you’re not as sloppy as I am. I kept the blank still tied to the cardboard to keep the piece more secure as I went.

If you make a mistake, use the silicone-tipped tool to remove any excess.

DIY Enamel Scallop Necklace – Wait…

It takes about 24-72 hours for the enamel to air dry, depending on thickness. I played around with a few other pieces in the box since I had too much enamel left over (and I hate wasting products when they’re already there). A few other reviews I’ve read reported that the enamel has a smell – I didn’t sense it, but use proper ventilation anyway.

Once dry, connect the chain, clasp, and pendant with jump rings. The pieces are usually very tiny, so a good set of jewelry pliers really helps.

DIY Enamel Scallop Necklace – and Photo Session

Then hang on a block of wood and take lots and lots of goofy pictures in front of your neighbors for a blog post. Or you could just be a normal person and actually wear it ;)

DIY enamel scallop necklace

If you’re interested in making some of your own enamel jewelry, the entire Martha Stewart Jewelry line is available exclusively at Michael’s Stores. You can also follow Plaid Crafts (the makers of the MS line) on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to get more ideas and inspiration for your own projects.

*Just kidding. I actually just couldn’t find a toothpick and went with something small and pointy.

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  1. Are you sure you didn’t lie to us and actually buy that? ;) Looks great!

  2. Agreed that jewelry lists always look like you have to buy out the whole store. LOL! Anyhoo, love this necklace. You picked my favorite piece from the collection AND my favorite color! How did you know?

  3. Beautiful!!! I saw the picture in the header on my bloglovin feed and was like “SHE MADE THAT?!?!” I love it!