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Full disclosure: I still haven’t finished the first coat of paint in the upstairs hallway.

A lot of you have been asking for me to give you some tips on how I fit everything into my schedule (between work, grad school, the blog, and DIY projects). Most of the time, I can manage it just fine – as long as I stay a little flexible. (P.S. I am currently working on a series of posts to give you guys some more insight and tips on how things work around here. Stay tuned for the beginning of that series next week!)

The morning I left for Hilton Head, the power went out thanks to a long night of pouring rain (I heard a loud pop outside – the transformer I assume – and then all of the normal humming of electricity went completely quiet. You’d never notice the sound until it stops). Since I had a little bit of time to kill before I would be able to drop off Charlie to doggie day camp, I intended on working on the dining room and using a new tool I got in the mail – a sander with a vacuum attachment, supposedly eliminating all of the dust that I’ve always experienced when repairing drywall. That way, I could come home to a little bit more progress in the house (my advice: whenever going on vacation, come home to a house that is either clean or has a fresh change; it helps you get back into the swing of things with more positive energy).

But with the power out, the dining room would have to wait. So I did the one thing I could think of that wouldn’t require it:  I began painting the hallway, and snagged a few quick photos to share last week. Since I only had a small window of time to actually get the coat on the wall (I wanted to hit the road, after all!), I just cut in and painted up to a level I could reach without a ladder. I knew I’d come home and finish the rest later.

Fast forward to this week: later came, and I started cutting in on the upper part a couple of nights ago. I was exhausted from playing post-vacation catch-up, and relieved to at least have the “hard” part of cutting in finished. I swear, I even looked around the hallway ceiling to check my work. I really did.

Apparently I didn’t look hard enough, because this is what I see in my hallway right now:


Sigh. Guess I’m not as caught up as I thought!

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  1. Looks like you might still need a break from your (spring) break! It will all come. Sometimes I get so bummed when I don’t get alot done for my Etsy shop. Life happens and in the end it really doesn’t matter that I made two more “whatevers” when I thought I should have. The projects eventually get done and there is always more to do! Deep breath…..

  2. Fortunately no innocent spiders, silverfish or tiny resting flies got painted over. I accidentally got a swipe of house paint on a beautiful mediteraian cellar spider and its web once, when I was repainting my airing cupboard, and I was depressed for several days because of that. Insects and arachnids are ever so fragile and beautiful. Always use the utmost care while painting inside and outside your home. Thank you.