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Happy Friday! I normally mean to post kitchen updates each Wednesday, but if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you have probably just gotten used to me getting around to things when I do. I considered waiting until next Wednesday’s after pictures to finally have a good post update, but… nah. After all, since when is this blog just about before and afters anyway?

painting cabinet doors

So, even though I don’t yet have them up and ready to take those sweet “after” photos for a few more days, I still wanted to show you what’s got me in a good mood for the weekend:  it’s time to hang the last few cabinet doors back up! I swept one last coat on the back of each door and am waiting just a few more hours to put on hardware. The fronts of the doors will also need one more coat, but I’m tired of seeing these things everywhere & am willing to do a last swipe of the roller when they are in place (they will hang open anyway for a week or two to cure, so I doubt it will be problematic).

cabinet door painting

And more importantly, that means getting the space in my dining room back. And that means moving all of the dining room furniture back into the room too, which is currently piled into my living room (yes, the walls still need finishing, but that’s what pushing furniture to the center of the room is for!). If you don’t remember what I’m talking about, watch my kitchen reno house tour video and be proud of how clean and clutter-free your house is in comparison.

paint can

It’s going to feel pretty great to push one great big mess back into smaller, more manageable piles in each room ;)  Happy weekend!

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One Comment

  1. It will seem like such a big sense of accomplishment to have the cabinet doors back on and out of the way. Nice!

    The only question is, do you have somebody lined up to help or did you go out and buy a 20 pack of paper towels to stack up and hold the doors as a third hand?

    Enjoy your week end.