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Due to the snow yesterday, then the freezing rain in the evening, it’s still far too treacherous on the Atlanta interstates for me to go to work. So, I’m once again working from home. No matter though, I’m still taking this opportunity to get a few much-needed tasks finished. For example, reoganizing the pantry into something that doesn’t require a Master’s degree in Tetris to find the morning cereal. Here is what it looks like at the moment:

No organization. No grouping of alike items. Everything is simply crammed in there. With any luck (and a little uninterrupted time), the pantry will be one step closer to the über-organized space I’ve been thinking about ever since I saw this inspiration photo…

via House of Smiths
I’ve got the white shelf thing going already, but our original oak shelves were stained in every sense of the word when we first moved in. Since we needed a functioning kitchen to tide us over until we could spend more time on one that was both pleasing to the eye and functional, we used the only paint we had on hand:  white ceiling paint (see why we needed it here). Ceiling paint is flat, which means that the shelves will need to be redone with semi- or high gloss paint to maximize wipeability (key when it comes to kitchens). When the repainting happens, or maybe when we finally paint the rest of the kitchen walls, I’ll probably look into painting a pattern similar to the inspiration photo above to create a little more visual interest. Just because it’s a pantry doesn’t mean it has to be boring, right?

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  1. I definitely need to do this in our pantry, too – it's horrible! Love the inspiration pantry – she did a wonderful job!


  2. I am oh so jealous that you HAVE a pantry :0) Our little house did not come with one. Boo!