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1-Closeup of Bottom of Stool Feet

You guys remember the little nook in my kitchen where I wanted to put a bar and a few stools, right? Well if you don’t, here’s that sketch again:


Recently, I’ve been itching to have a little spot to enjoy a coffee setup or have a friend over for a few beers, so it seemed like a good time to start on this project (because I have so much free time, right?). I’ve had these great geometric-looking shelf supports lying around for a little while, and recently decided they’d be the right option for supporting the wood that will go on top to create the bar. They would need a little paint, though.

3-Unpainted Shelf Supports Before

4-Shelf Support Brackets

I chose a flat black spray paint, but when you’re using it in high humidity, it’s important to keep the coats light. There really wasn’t getting around the weather this time of year (it’s just too hot in Georgia summers… even in the garage, and this stuff needs ventilation), so you just make do. Light coats. Lots of patience.

5-Spraying the Supports

While these were drying between coats, I thought I might as well put a few of those minutes to good use with an almost imperceptible change to the new bar stools I picked out to go underneath the bar ledge. I’ve had these great stools in my house for a while too (I picked them out right around the same time I was creating the light fixture, buying the supports, etc. — funny how you can gather all of the supplies together and still procrastinate!). I’m somehow still not tired of them, so that’s a pretty good start, I think.


Speaking of, 3M recently sent me a box full of Scotch™ Brand goodies and asked me to review a few of their surface protection products around my home, and the little metal feet on these things were going to be a problem if I kept them bare. I pictured lots of moments of trying to scoot the stools over or tuck them under the bar, and I knew right away that these would need a little something extra.

7-Bar Stool Feet Before

I’ve mentioned it lots of times before, but I love my dark floors. They have been pretty tough for all of the things I’ve done to them and rarely show wear enough to give me any regrets, but one particular incident has me (and the floor, I guess) a little scarred. I should have known better than to drag a box of tile around and picked it up instead!

8-Large Scratch Kitchen Floor

These Scotch™ Heavy Duty Felt Pads were exactly the right size to fit on the bottom of each stool leg (they come in a larger size as well, but I needed something about the size of a quarter). They’re really sticky, so the only tricky part is peeling them off of the plastic liner. Because they’re so sticky, though, they give a good hold, helping the stools slide easily and protecting my floor.

9-Scotch Heavy Duty Felt Pads

At first, I put these on and thought that they were way too thick to not show up visibly on the floor. I certainly want my floors to be protected, but I don’t exactly want the stools to look like they have big wads of felt sticking out of the bottom.

10-Bottom of Stool Feet With Heavy Duty Pads

Once I flipped the stool over though, nope. Looks just fine, actually!

11-Bar Stools Top Angle

I know I’ve got a lot of closeup photos in this post for you guys, but I wanted to hold out any additional sneak peeks of the counter installation so that I could go over things like height, weight, cutting down the bar top, etc. More on that soon!

Pinterest-how I protect my floors

Pinterest2- how I protect my floors

Project created by Sarah Fogle of The Ugly Duckling House for Scotch™ Surface Protection Products.

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  1. Where can you get these felt pads? I’ve bought others that just don’t want to stay stuck to my furniture’s feet. I’ve also got dark floors and am trying to protect them.

  2. Thanks for sharing the impressive way to decorate the kitchen bar, and especially the kitchen bar stools.