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This past week, I’ve been sick with the flu. Which is to say, my third illness in some fashion since Thanksgiving. Which is to say, I’ve been super pissed off. I’m already starting to feel much better, but it completely trashed my weekend plans, so I’ve just been resting for the last week (I figure having my third bout in as many months is enough of my body telling me to slow the eff down already; I’ve been listening).

And yet, somehow, little elves must be sneaking into the house to get more done on the kitchen, because this week’s Dueling DIY includes more white paint. After finishing the final coat on the upper cabinetry, I need to finish up the last coat or two on the upper doors.

I’ve turned to my only free space in the entire lower floor – my empty dining room – for help to get them all done, assembly-line style. They aren’t installed yet (they still need some cure time before handling to prevent chipping), but I’ll be damned if this isn’t a good sight for sore, tired, itchy eyes!

For those who ask (and it happens in almost every post when I have a picture of them), the little yellow things are called “paint pyramids” – you can easily use 2x4s or other items to prop up doors for paint, but these were relatively inexpensive and do the job really well. They come in packs of 10 at the hardware store (I found ’em in the paint aisle). Should have the first few back on the cabinets next week – and hopefully a few more things, like:

  • tile delivered (the weather has been causing a few issues for my order, but this should be resolved soon)
  • door handles on the lower cabinets

Getting things more in order means getting my stove back. And my dishwasher. I even bought groceries, like bananas and orange juice. You know – for the vitamins ;)

And now, it’s time for your updates! Remember to head over to Carrie’s blog to see her progress (if her Instagram is any indication, she’s kicking my ass this week!) and include a link back to this post so folks can find others participating.

PS: for all of the previous Dueling DIY posts, I’ve added a new page to the blog to keep things organized!

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  1. An idea for those who are interested: since I’m too lazy to pick up paint pyramids (which look awesome by the way!), so I use the caps of my spray paint cans to elevate my paint projects off the ground. I even save the old caps before pitching the empty cans for this purpose. They work wonderfully and are free! They are not necessarily as great as the pyramids (which have smaller points of contact), but they get the job done.

    1. Yes, I’ve done that too when I painted my tables for the studio/office area. Forgot to put that as an option on the list, thanks for reminding me!

  2. Mom question….Do you get a flu shot? (It may have helped with one of the sicknesses?) OK, next. At least you are still making some progress! And yes the weather is causing some delivery issues. I ordered fabric on Jan. 26th and received it Mon. Feb. 10th!!! It’s origin? GA. They were out of the shop for 3 days, got back, and had to load up all the orders from days worth. It left there on the 31st on 2 day UPS. OK. Then we got about 4″ here in MO on the 4th of Feb. We were back in school on the 6th. I found out from UPS that if any road is not “cleared” they are told to NOT go down it for fear of getting stuck. This was such an unusual and LONG delivery time. I am amazed at the havoc this year has caused. AND…don’t you have some more bad weather coming today/tomorrow??? What is their plan??

    1. No flu shot. I know, I know. And as for the snow, yes, we’re supposed to be in the middle of another “snowpocalypse” down here, which basically means we can’t go out on the roads because people will be stuck on ice (flurries began coming down hard as of yesterday morning). My office hasn’t been the best at “playing it safe”, but I said screw it, went home during lunch yesterday, and am camping out safely at home until it’s safe to go back out (I work in IT, which can be done pretty much anywhere as long as I have a laptop). What people seem to be worried about most this time is power outages from ice accumulation on the lines. I have food, candles, DOG FOOD, logs for the fire, etc etc just in case. Kinda crazy that we have to prepare ourselves like that, but when you know your city may not be much help, you just gotta prepare (oh, and hilarious: this time around they put port-o-johns along the medians of the interstate just in case people got stuck again!).

      1. Sounds like you are well prepared. As for the flu shot–I don’t know if the H1N1 vaccine is in it this year, but a few people have had that flu and NO, they did not take the shot. It was VERY serious for the few people I talked to. And ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Hmmm…could we say we know where the officials heads are regarding this situation and choosing to put port-o-potty’s out on the road? (All in good humor folks!) What a RIOT!

        1. Considering that so many got stuck on the roads last time, I guess they just wanted to have bright blue boxes EVERYWHERE reminding folks “See? We thought about it this time. We’re prepared!”

          1. I had the flu shot in October and got the flu at the end of January. Took Tamiflu really early so it only lasted 4 days. Then not quite two weeks later (just this past weekend) I got strep throat. That lasted longer than the flu. I live in Louisiana and we haven’t had the snow, but we’ve had ice. I’m tired of the cold and tired of being sick. Hope you stay well for the rest of the year, Sarah.

          2. And you, too! I have had strep so many times, I can easily self-diagnose these days. Hope you feel better!

  3. Every little thing you do is bringing you closer to a kitchen that is DONE… Hope you can rest easy and get a full head of steam going again soon!

  4. Why do women find all the handy little gadgets? Loving the paint pyramids, any more handy tips ?