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Prime. Let dry. Repeat.

priming kitchen cabinets and drawers

Because of the humidity of Wetlanta, priming the kitchen cabinets took a little longer than I wanted it to.

priming kitchen cabinets and drawers

But after two coats of white on the front and back of each door, carefully painting the sides, and getting every little nook and cranny I could reach, the cabinets are ready for paint.

priming kitchen cabinets and drawers

Some of you requested closeups of what they look like with primer. As you can see, the primer doesn’t really cover every last bit, and the wood grain still shows through a little. I’ve pretty much expected this to happen, so there’s no disappointment here. I was careful to try to scratch them to see if the primer would come off, and it’s stuck! Good sign.

priming kitchen cabinets and drawers

According to the back of the can, interior priming happens in only an hour and exterior priming happens in two, but full hardness curing takes seven days.

Tonight, I’m tackling cabinet paint. Hopefully by Sunday, I’ll put on another coat and have lots to show you next week. Or the fact that classes are starting up again could mean that I’m on a full Chinese takeout binger and procrastinating again.

I think the odds are 50/50. Have a great weekend!

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  1. DUDE. At my last house, someone had painted the front of the cabinet doors RED. In a white kitchen. Anyhoo, I had to completely re-do the cabinets, and it was horrible. I’m interested to see how you finish your project because I’m sure I did everything wrong. I’m horrible at this kinda stuff . . .

    1. With red paint you would probably have been better with a primer tinted a grey color. It covers the red completely then you paint it the color you want over the grey primer two times and voila! No red shows through.
      I had painted my kitchen walls red, and when my house got sold, that’s what I did, and the kitchen is painted white. I didn’t see any red bleeding though…

  2. Looking good. Why don’t you want to sand?

    I see your in Atlanta. If you are near a Harbor Freight, then check them out for their power tools. They aren’t heavy duty, but a lot of them are great for the weekend warrior. I know there is one off Lawrenceville Hwy and another off 595.

    Oh and that is all I hear from my parents and sister is that it rains every day up there. I guess it is better than wondering if Lanier will dry up.

  3. Ohhh, I so want to paint my kitchen cabinets, but it’s not on the list of priorities right now. Someday though, they are going to be awesomely yellow. I’m going with a 50’s-60’s housewife theme as I have so many cool vintage kitchen items to display.
    Now that I know how many days it’s going to take, I will plan accordingly. LOL
    Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  4. After a very good reunion with a not so normal family at my brother’s (second) wedding I am glad to get back and check in with my favorite bloggers. As I sit here exhausted, emotionally spent, and with a migraine I thank you for the great cackle when I saw your “how you feel about that” response. And I am thinking with the progress you have made, you will be working on those cabinets every free second you have, just too excited to see the end result! PS. You and your cabinets were my first pick when logging back in—the drama, the suspense, the drying….Looking forward to your next post:)

  5. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Love it. I hate waiting on the primer to dry, I just want the color on and the job done!

  6. Its all about the prep when it comes to painting. If you need to do a third coat go for it, you will thank yourself later.

  7. I can’t wait to see this all done its coming along very well though. Keep it up!