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This winter, snow is making a more frequent visit than usual to Georgia. Given what happened just a few weeks ago, my office decided to take a few more precautions this week and let us work from home until the snow melts. So, that essentially means two things in this house:

1. Showers? Meh.

2. The light is kind of awesome for playing around with my camera. Thus, lots of pictures of Charlie enjoying the snow.

My white balance is kind of all over the place, but she makes a good model (and if I’m just having fun with it, oh well… I’ll worry more about that when I’m taking “after” shots indoors).

Her leash (which is normally long enough to reach just about every corner of the yard without letting her jump the fence) was frozen shut on day 2 of the snow, so I just let her run around for a little bit.

Both days, in about 15 minutes, she’d had enough of the cold stuff and wanted inside. She’s a southern gal, I suppose.

Tomorrow, I hope to have a fun Valentines-related post up for you (and since it’s also Friday, it only makes sense that it will be something where I try to be funny). If you’re expecting or in the middle of a winter storm this week, stay safe and warm!

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  1. Wish I was in GA and not up here in CT today (6+ inches so far)! May have to overnight at work…Aaaaaack! Charlie looks like a true beauty! Enjoy your day. Glad your employer appreciates the value of their employees!

  2. Looks like NC and SC did the “uh-oh” this time around. Now that Atlanta got it right do you think they may have overshot it on the potties? I wonder if they will leave them out there until Spring hits…no use taking them back and forth to storage I guess. Enjoy your down time in your home. I always enjoy the snow days. Everything seems more relaxed, cozy, and you don’t have to do a thing if you don’t want. Unless, you are working from home. :)

  3. I love that last picture of Charlie; she is not a happy girl at all! We’re in central PA near Reading and we got about a foot on top of the still melting 8″ from Monday a week ago. My Chi-weenie, Cassie completely understands Charlie’s feelings about the weather!

  4. Yay for snow days! I’m in NC and I have to laugh at just how crazy everything gets when we get snow. I’m staying off the roads for sure! Hope you stay warm! :)

  5. I miss the fact that there are no more snow days when you have a virtual office. We got 10 inches in KC last week but it was just business as usual since we all have laptops and can work from home.

  6. Someone should do a book series – like humans of new york- but dogs in snow. it would make my day :)

    1. Charlie is just a mutt, never got her tested to find her breed. I like to joke that she’s part kangaroo because she likes to jump fences :)

  7. I live in Buffalo and I have to remind myself that snow used to be fun. I love to see kids and dogs see snow for the first time. It is even more fun to see adults who have never been in the cold to experience it!

  8. I love the dynamic that snow introduces, even though I think I’ve had my fill of the cold.

    Charlie is a beautiful dog, what kind is she?