freshly painted closet with tan paint and white shelves and white trim

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I wish I had a before pic, but this was done before the “Hey, why don’t you start a blog?” suggestion! While no one really looks all that much at linen closets, I found such an easy and pretty change with mine, I thought I’d share.

When first moving in (hard to believe it was only three months ago!), most of the closets were so bare and neglected that the cobwebs inside them were more like spider condominiums. The walls were antique white, and the shelves were MDF with a dark oak stain. I brushed the closets out with a broom and laid down rubbery (but non-stick) drawer lining to dress them up before unpacking our boxes.

When my living room paintover expanded up the stairs and onto the landing, the linen closet next to our primary bedroom looked very sad compared to the new paint job I just did on the surrounding walls. I decided that lining the stained shelves wasn’t enough, so I painted them with the same white paint I was using on the trim. I felt the closet was brighter and cleaner-looking with the white, but the older antique-white of the closet walls still created a drab appearance overall. A few coats of the same “Sandy Shell” paint as the living room led me to its final result:

freshly painted closet with tan paint and white shelves and white trim

Even though it is only a closet, I am reminded each time I open the closet door that paint is a great way to make a big impact with a small budget. I think I’ll later add a few baskets in here to store smaller items like washcloths and handtowels to dress the shelving up even more. If you hear of any good deals, let me know!

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