no-sew faux sheepskin fur tree skirt

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I feel like the more effort I put into a holiday, the more fun and personal it becomes. And this year, I seem to be much more determined to make a creative effort for the holidays.

no-sew faux sheepskin fur tree skirt

For starters, I’m very excited about my tree skirt this year. For less than $10, and absolutely zero sewing required, my new Christmas tree looks cozy and soft. This little project is truly a lazy girl’s dream come true at the intersection of cheap and easy.

new christmas tree
Like your mom. (Come on, you knew that cheesy joke was coming.)

I found the fabric at a discount store in Stone Mountain, GA called Fabric World. It’s basically a giant warehouse full of remnants, ribbon, and designer bolts piled on top of each other and sold at a fraction of their original cost. I’d never been before, but after striking out at the local craft store near my house, I was hoping I’d find a way to save a few pennies and buy some faux fur instead of buying the real deal sheepskins at Ikea for $29 a pop (I have one that I use in my office, and I love how soft it is, but I needed at least two more for wrapping around the base of my tree).

fabric world

I wasn’t in the store but two minutes before I found not one, but two tables full of samples. Jackpot!

faux fur

Some of the samples were several yards long, but most were just partial pieces (and the sign indicated that it was a buy-the-whole-piece situation, so there were no cuts allowed). It took a while to dig through, but the whole table was labeled $8.99 per yard, so it was well worth it to spend some time and select the softest, cream-colored, and most realistic-looking faux sheepskin fabric I could find. My jeans were pretty much covered in bits of faux fur by the end!

fake vs real sheepskin

I spent an obsessive amount of time comparing and petting each piece. None of the remnants I found matched, and there was really only one that I thought was spot-on as far as a good fake, but it wasn’t going to be enough by itself. Since I knew I could layer the less realistic ones to wrap around the back of my tree, I took home my favorite and another two remnants that were less than half a yard each.

fake vs real

Here’s how the back of the tree looked with the two less-realistic pieces layered:

no-sew faux sheepskin fur tree skirt

And here’s how the front looked with the large faux piece and the real one on top:

no-sew faux sheepskin fur tree skirt

By now, you’ve probably noticed that I’m calling this a “no-sew sheepskin skirt” when I didn’t really make anything here; it’s just piles of fabric. There was no cutting or templating involved, but that’s kind of the awesome part about using fur (or even a faux fur blanket) instead of a sewn piece. Since I folded any of the visible corners underneath that would point to an obvious fake, and sheepskins would naturally be an asymmetrical shape, no one’s the wiser (except all of you internet folks who now know this is complete BS). And since I didn’t cut the original pieces, I can reuse them later to make pillows, a new faux rug, etc.

no-sew faux sheepskin fur tree skirt

Out of curiosity, I checked out the price tag for a similar tree skirt at my closest Homegoods while I was out shopping for ornaments and gifts. Their version: $49.99.

homegoods price comparison

My version: less than $10!

no-sew faux sheepskin fur tree skirt

What do you think of my new “tree skirt”? I’m still in the midst of getting the tree fully decorated and the mantel finished, so check back in soon (or subscribe, I suppose) for those updates!

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  1. Haha! Great minds think alike! I just did a tutorial for my own no-sew faux fur tree skirt on my blog, though there was cutting involved. So my question is (from a fellow pet owner) what made us say, “You know what my house really needs? More fur!” I’m loving the white of your tree skirt. I was originally looking for white, but I ended up liking a grey wolf-like fur best at Hancock’s.

    1. I can see your cats immediately made themselves comfortable on yours (good job BTW). Charlie sniffed it once and has otherwise left it alone, and thankfully it doesn’t seem to produce extra fluff to clean up after.

  2. It turned out very nice-soft fluffy with a warm personality while looking elegant. ” I spent an obsessive amount of time comparing and petting each piece. ” lol.. when I read this Sarah, I did the same thing ( petting) when I was lucky enough this summer while attending the 75th Bike Rally in SoDak to find a white Belgium Highland Sheep bike seat cover in white with silver streaks dyed in it matching the silver on my two-toned blue/sil;ver bike. Stylish, comfy and warm in the hills on those cool mornings.

    1. Nice! I tried to think of a less psycho phrasing for running my hands along each bolt, but then I just decided to call it what it was — I was definitely petting every fabric they had in the store, ha!

  3. I use a duvet cover for our tree skirt. It’s beautiful fabric just doesn’t go with our room anymore. I just kind of wrap it around until it looks good. I’ve also used a leopard print furry blanket a few years ago. Way to go thinking outside the box! The prices on those store bought tree skirts are crazy!

  4. We used to have a Christmas tree without a skirt. And after seeing this post, it made me change my mind and will definitely try this one out this season.

    1. Awesome! It was a lot easier than sewing one and a lot cheaper than buying one premade! Good luck!

      1. You are definitely right Sarah! It is cheaper and simple. Many thanks for sharing your idea!