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This week is flying by fast. Check that; if this month had legs, it would be doing Road Runner-esque circles. I even completely forgot that today was Wednesday; not tomorrow. So, although this WNW is happening on Thursday for most of you, I thought I should still give you a gander at what I’m eyeballing lately.

You may have noticed that my “Love List” on the sidebar was injected with some holiday spirit. When it comes to holiday decor, I go the cheap classic route:  While the decor itself might change from year to year, I tend to gravitate toward the same color scheme (gold, silver, white, red). That way, I can still change things to look fresh and different, but keep my budget in check; after all, I only have so much to spend each year, and I’d rather use the money for great gifts instead of buying a whole new color scheme for the table, mantle, tree, etc. There wasn’t enough room on my sidebar for all of them, so here are a few other items I think would make great additions to my decor collection:

White, Silver, Gold

1.  Metallic napkins, $28 (set of 4)
2. Starry crown, $44.00
3. Twig candleabra, $99
4. Bronze Santa & snowman, $17.95 each
5. Gold pears vase filler, $13 (sale)
6. Metal rocking horse, $29.99
7. Glitter snowflakes, $25.20 (sale)


1. Watu kwa amani 20″ pillow, $39.95 (sale)
2. Peppermint tree skirt, $45
3. Red cut glassware, $58 (set of 4)
4. Jinglemonkey, $9.99
5. Felt tree, $7.99
6. Tree skirt, $69.99

As you can see, a simple color scheme can still make a great holiday impact. It’s lower maintenance since you don’t have to run all over town for the perfect teal to replace that broken candle holder from last year; it’s also fun since you have to get creative to reuse the same decor in a new way. Plus, if you feel like adding a new color to the mix, like a pop of orange, you can easily do so by using it as an accent color with the white/silver/gold mix as a neutral base. You can invest in pieces that transition with a variety of styles, but still keep things at a lower cost.

What’s at the top of your decor list this year? Do you prefer neutrals, or to fluctuate with trendy colors year after year?

(Road Runner and Coyote image from here.)

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  1. Loving that white and gold color scheme. Very festive without being over the top and oh so classy. Well done!