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If you have friends or family coming home for the holidays, it’s easy to worry about hiccups that might interrupt the festivities. Things like:

  • Do I have enough alcohol?
  • This house is too small to accommodate everyone’s crap. Where am I going to find room?
  • What if the garbage disposal gets clogged from that godawful fruitcake?
  • What if the tree shorts out (to which my Mom would always provide her favorite movie reference: “cat in a box!”)?
  • Ohmygod, what if the toilet overflows? And do I have enough alcohol if that happens?

I kid, but I recently found out that last-minute disasters like clogged toilets are some of the biggest fears that homeowners have when they are expecting company. I guess I speak from experience that it’s no picnic if you have ten people over and the toilet suddenly does a Linda Blair impression. But what luck – there are ways to prevent these things!

Chip Wade from HGTV’s new series Elbow Room had a quick chat with me the other day to share some of his tips on preparing the house for holiday company. With so much extra use draining you and your home’s resources, a little bit of prevention can go a long way to a stress-free visit!

(Psst:  I was compensated for doing this interview. All of the opinions are 100% my own. And funny story: this was a web interview and Chip spoke to a number of bloggers. I logged on early to prepare for my time slot, and was able to see the interview process – but not hear them. Still, it was kind of funny to see him and the rest of the crew between interviews – doing push-ups, moving props around, etc. This was fun!)


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