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Guys — what is happening to May? Is June really only next week? I could really use a massage. And a nap. Well, really just a week of naps would probably do the trick. And a few more bags of gravel.

air conditioner flowerbed

Still, almost everything I’ve been working on lately has been a good thing, so the exhaustion I feel is at least giving me a sense of accomplishment. I took a blog-related trip to New York last week, which now makes it the third time I’ve visited Manhattan, and the noneth time I’ve done it with 24 hours of consecutive free time (I have been making strong hints to a new cute guy in my life that we need to change that pronto, though). That’s not to say that there isn’t at least some fun involved in blog-related trips (even when it’s “work”); if you were following on Twitter, you might have noticed that I met this guy while I was there:

Jonathan Scott and Sarah Fogle - The Ugly Duckling House
He really is that tall.

More details on that next month (or you can get the gist from my Twitter feed), but in short: it got weird (his words) and funny and awkward, just as you might expect it to be.

filling in stones and creating garden bed

Once I got back home, it was right back to yanking out long vines from the side of the house and fighting off mosquitoes — such is the glamorous world of DIY!

roots and vines

I’m happy with the progress I made despite several days of rain, but I still have a little more to fill in before the landscaping really starts to pop. And, speaking of pop…

red coleus

Thank you to those of you who gave suggestions last week about which plants will do well back near the air conditioning unit. I’ll have a new update for this area soon, as well as more gardening updates and some plans for what’s coming up this summer. What are your goals for the week?

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  1. I can totally feel you on the vines! When we moved into our house, there were these weird “potato vines” growing on two sides of our yard. They had completely covered the fences and had grown out probably 5-10 feet onto the ground. You literally couldn’t tell where the vines ended and the yard started. Definitely one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to deal with when it came to yard maintenance.

  2. You’re an awesome person, Sarah. Your busy life inspires me to stop sitting on my ass writing silly comments like these. Haha!